What are 5 WordPress initiatives to inspire healthy writing ?

Wordpress writing inspirations

My blog will reflect various colours of my creative side. Not a single day will pass when I will not think about a unique story/ post and share it to the world. 

This is my excitement level every time I finish publishing my latest post. I go to bed at night sketching some rough ideas in my head about my next post.The very next day, when I sit down with my laptop, my effort to give those ideas some shape goes in vain. Somehow the thoughts sketched don’t feel worthy enough to be written about anymore.They appear too illogical and childish to have a frame of words around them. That means another round of brain storming for me.Of course, there are some lucky days when an interesting topic (well, at least to me) easily emerges from my restless mind. But what about the rest of the days?

I don’t know how many bloggers out there face this stupid problem while trying their hand on some new topic. It is a usual scenario to me though. Maybe I am the only confused blogger in this business. Or, maybe there are few friends like me, who want to write on a fresh topic everyday but sadly struggle to come out with one at times. In such doomed days , I seek the refuge of WordPress.

Many know that WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms available. Apart from being an effective blogging platform, WordPress also has a section called ‘The Daily Post’. This piece of WordPress can be a perfect treat for bloggers (both beginners and veterans) to find unique writing inspiration and socialise with other bloggers. It is an amazing place for those who love to play with words and want to be a part of the ‘read, write & enjoy’ club  everyday.

So, I though of sharing with you few nice and useful initiatives Wordpress has taken for encouraging bloggers in polishing their craft to a different level. Everything is just a click away.

1.  ‘Daily Prompts’ :

Daily Prompts’ in WordPress website proves to be a cool place to visit whenever you can’t think of any concrete stuff to write about. Each day, a new word is displayed as a writing challenge there (as a matter of fact, you can write on any other word mentioned in previous days). The words will give enough room to trigger your imagination capability and help you to think, write and post a topic in your blog surrounding that word. It also allows you to create a pingback to the challenge. You only need to copy a small piece of code present in ‘Show Instructions’ and paste it in your post as text. Linking your post to the challenge will give you the additional opportunity of welcoming few more readers to your blog and paying a visit to their blog as well.

2.  ‘365 Days of Writing Prompts’ :

You are finished with today’s daily prompt challenge and don’t want to wait an entire day for the next day’s writing prompt. Another topic / word / idea is something that you want to work on right now. No problem. WordPress has a solution to this obstacle also. You can download a complete Ebook  in 365 Days of Writing Prompts consisting of a thought / word for each day of the year. There you are, totally loaded with new concepts to keep your writing spirits up.

3. ‘Events’ :

If you want to test your capabilities with different flavours of writing challenges apart from the above two types , then you can check the WordPress events  listed in ‘The Daily Post’. Almost each day of the week offers a recurring but different challenge themes to hone your writing skills. It is also an excellent place to create some great connections with your fellow bloggers.

4. ‘Community pool’ :

Even after going through all the challenges , you don’t feel satisfied with your writing gigs. You are still not sure what should be the subject of your post. When in doubt , better ask others. Community pool in WordPress gives you a wonderful chance to mingle online with other bloggers and have a chat with them. You can discuss with them what you should write about, seek healthy feedback on your writing style and also have a look at their work. This will definitely have a positive impact on your writing and boost your confidence.

5.  ‘Blogging University’ :

Yes, you read it right. WordPress has it’s own online Blogging University.  This basically consists of several online courses meant for improving the way you blog. Each course guides you towards an enhanced version of the blog you have always wished for. It also gives some good topic (in it’s email instructions) to write on. You can be a part of this ‘university’ anytime and reap benefits of the courses. All you need to do is login with your WordPress account and ‘Sign Up’ to the respective courses. The course material will be delivered to your email id. In my opinion, this feature in WordPress is worthy enough to be tried once.

I have mentioned the above list based on my blogging experience so far. They have proved to be useful in my just started blogging journey. Hope it helps you too in some way 🙂



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