A better childhood

A better childhoodChildhood is the best phase in anyone’s life.It remains as a sweet memory in everyone’s conscience.Even a grown up person, busy in his daily routine life, would love to have the company of a child ,whenever given a chance , and get carried away with it’s innocence and cheerful nature – such is the magic of  childhood.

In today’s date, a child grows up a bit too early than it is supposed to.Born in a world of booming technology, the child comes across at least few technical innovations right in it’s home. Though this is a good thing as the child is getting adapted to a certain lifestyle but is also equally awful because in the course of its acquaintance with technology, the childhood gets affected.

I am not sure if anyone has experienced the fact that one of the toys which features in most of the homes having children is a mobile phone or a funky laptop specially designed to entertain the young brains.In many cases , you will realize that those toys came from the child’s parents , as they want to keep the child away from their own technical devices. In a tender age where a child should be playing outside,making new friends, reading or listening to fairy tales , learning about surroundings, virtues and relationships,they are wasting a significant amount of time in playing video games,watching meaningless TV shows sitting right next to their parents. As a result,they come to know about things which they shouldn’t. Now can we blame the children for this? Somewhere down the line, it is the sole responsibility of the parents to take care of these trivial issues that create big problems in the long run. Many will say that it is very easy to write or complain about such things when at the end of a long tiring day at work and in home, there is no stamina left in either of the parents to resolve such issues even if they want to. So it’s better to leave the child like that, at least it is not being naughty and disturbing others.

It is not like that children should be kept away from technology forcefully.I am afraid it can neither be done nor this is a very good idea to implement.The trick is how we can utilize the same technology to mould their minds into a curious,creative and a sensible one.We need to change ourselves first before we expect our children to grow up into a person we want them to be ,as the kids watch and learn from their parents.If we want them to watch something useful sitting in front of the television set or learn the benefits of gadgets, then we should make ourselves an example at first before them to follow.We can encourage our children to play, read a good book,be creative,help someone in need,do silly talks or simply be naughty at times. I am sure , the child will not find time then to indulge in television shows or online games. I agree this requires a bit of hard work and patience but is definitely not impossible.

Let us try to keep intact the innocence of our children so that when they grow up and look back towards their childhood,they can find many memories to cherish forever.

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