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through the windowWhen I wrote this post , it was afternoon and I was sitting on a comfortable sofa in my living room with a laptop. My thoughts were going here and there to capture few lines that I could write for the next post in my blog.I was idly looking all over the room with no purpose. After a while my eyes stopped and stared at the view present on the other side of  the giant screen window, located right next to me.

I have just completed my routine activities for the day –  preparing breakfast, cooking lunch, cleaning dishes, dusting the rooms, taking bath, making a phone call to my mother.Half of the day has already passed taking away half of my energy also along with it. I had made up my mind in the morning to write about a certain topic today for my blog.But right now, I am feeling too exhausted to think and write even a single word. My mind is silent yet active just like the world that I can see through the window of my living room.

through the windowIt is a lethargic afternoon.Everyone seems to be busy taking rest (like me) after having an energetic and demanding morning. Summer has arrived.It has dressed the nature with a bright and colourful dress.The entire atmosphere outside is mum except sound coming from the chirping of birds , swaying of the trees to and fro in wind mixed with the noise of cars passing by.These are the only signs of life that I can feel at this moment.

Many high-rises are scattered in this area. I live in one of them.These buildings have families residing in it’s apartments. How do I know ? Clothes hanging out for drying in the racks, a child crying from a flat somewhere notify me that there are people around.The surroundings appear to be very quiet though. The situation remains same irrespective of the hour of the day.

Our busy and progressive lives have brought our existence in the sky-scrapers, big bungalows and villas. All of us want to be a champion in achieving more wealth, luxuries, respect and less disturbance. Online shopping has almost eliminated the requirement of going outside for essential commodities.We have our jobs in office or internet , television sitcoms/rom coms at home to keep us engaged throughout the day. Even if we go out, we visit malls , do window shopping , dine in restaurants to kill time. Fair enough. But while doing all these things, we have gradually compressed ourselves into a shell where anything or anyone from outside  becomes a matter of annoyance to our ‘disciplined and routine’ life.

TV volume of our neighbour next door is little bit high today – how can they disturb others like this(we might not be know their names even) ? The cricket ball of the kids playing in the ground reaches our balcony- why can’t they play a bit more carefully, need to complain to their parents ? Relatives visited us on a holiday without prior intimation – what stopped them to not inform us earlier ? There is a cultural program tonight in the society – who will go there to burn ears in that noise? A new family came to stay in the next flat – let it be , who cares ? There are many such examples where we are concerned about our comfort zone first.

No wonder, we reside in pigeon holes where life is all hushed up due to lack of interaction with the outside world. I am an introvert. Naturally I am also not in favour of unjustified happenings in my life. Still I feel that there is a basic need to socialise with people around us. It will not harm us if we don’t let us bother the high TV volume of our dear neighbour for sometime(unless someone in our home is giving exams or is sick) and try to get along with them. We can encourage the kids to carry on with their games instead of complaining about their naughtiness. We will definitely feel happy when we get a surprise visit from our near and dear ones. Participating in any festivities within the society we live in will increase our social quotient. Then life will not look like a dull feature film similar to the view outside my window.We can call ourselves the real champions in the race of life.

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