Conquering hearts

poor peopleWe often push ourselves hard to conquer over a lot of competitions in life-  better educational qualifications, good financial conditions, a healthy lifestyle and an established social status.In this whole competitive affair, we overlook one aspect of our existence completely. It is our ability to conquer hearts and show our human side.

The whole world seems to be very busy nowadays.The ‘survival of the fittest’ policy in every field has converted us in to a machine.We only think about ourselves first or maximum our family members.Compassion for a needy, hungry and helpless person is seldom seen.

I find it the most difficult thing to digest when I see some poor children or old people receiving ill behaviour from so called ‘civilised people’. These unfortunate people beg in the streets, roam around the pedestrians for some money and food. This is a very normal scene in India. As a matter of fact, there is a big racket in many countries where poor people are allured for money and trapped to do illegal activities.These people get involved in unpleasant things even before realising it fully.

But this  becomes a reason for some people to behave rudely with them.These unlucky people face ill-behaviour and thrashings instead of getting some help.They are subjected to further sufferings.This is not a sin of a healthy and developed society.

If we can’t offer anything to these pained human beings and improve their situation, then we can show them some compassion at least. This needs a very small effort from our side.Who knows our affection is is the only positive thing they come across in their whole day?Let us help them to hold some faith in humanity.


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