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My dear passport


When my father gave the Indian passport in my hands eight years back , then I thought if I was ever going to use it. My life was limited between work location and home. The travel agenda for this homesick girl bounded between different states either for business purpose or small family trips. The passport was lying unused in my wardrobe. No I am wrong. It was used occasionally but only as an identity proof document for official purposes. The empty pages of my dear passport never bothered me even for a minute.

Meanwhile , my husband got a good job offer in Singapore. Well that meant we had to relocate to a new country completely. All of a sudden, the passport regained the full power it deserved throughout. The location of the passport shifted to my wallet straight from one of the dusty corners in my wardrobe drawer .It became a ‘must have’ item in my checklist during my travels. And why not? Otherwise my stay in a foreign country is going to be an illegal affair. Nobody wants to mess with the wrong side of the law.

I wondered how not a single thing in our lives can gain importance without a purpose. Just like the passport, each one of us has a definite role to play.We are going to lie unnoticed/neglected unless we accomplish that job expected from us.

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