Encounter with the ‘crisp’ crisis

crispy potato chips

The word ‘crisp’ immediately reminded me of the unhealthy stuff that I simply love to relish on in my cheat days. It is the thin, crispy , salty and a little bit spicy potato chips.

I am generally a health and weight conscious woman. You will always find me analysing the calorie count of anything that I am eating. Most of the discussions with my husband revolves around his callous and my serious approach towards a healthy lifestyle. I don’t leave s single opportunity to lecture him about the importance of healthy eating.

But the fact is that you will hardly find a human being without any weaknesses. Well, I have quite a lot of them. One of the (sinful) weaknesses is my love for crispy and crunchy potato chips. My taste buds become very choosy and demanding when it comes to gorging potato chips. The chips should not be made just like that. Rather they should be well fried, finely cut into thin round shapes , coated with salt and masala in exact proportions. My perfect unhealthy date is then ready for me. I don’t have any qualms how much calories I am gaining later on. Why should I care ? Every time I dig my teeth into these fried chips , I forget all my worries. It’s a stress buster for me. These potatoes also give me a good company in my couch while I am spending my free time reading , writing or watching a rom-com. I can eat and empty  2-3 packets of potato chips easily at a time (the bloated feeling I get after such exercise is a different thing altogether).Both of us make a perfect example of being a ‘couch potato’ (I don’t recommend though relying on unhealthy eating no matter how much stressed you are). It makes my mother wonder sometimes how a health conscious person can binge on something like this.

However, off late I didn’t have any such lustful encounter. That’s because , I am trying to avoid oily stuffs as much as I can. Still, whenever I come across the attractive and crunchy potato chips packets (of various flavours) displayed in the shelves of the super market , my health and diet conscious mind goes for a toss. Somehow, I give my best effort to ignore them and then carry my cart towards the fruits and vegetables section.

That makes me think if I am the only person here who fights with such weakness on regular basis. Is there any ‘unhealthy food’ vulnerability that you are facing ? Let me know if I am having some company.



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