A symbiosis between an introvert and society

 IntrovertMost of my ‘loved ones’ commented about me ,’she is such a shy and introvert girl’. This remark used to irritate me(and it still does) a lot. I have simply no idea why my introvert nature is a matter of concern for them.They seem to forget that even after being an introvert, I always had a healthy symbiosis with their ‘outer world’.They can rather find out something more important to carry on their discussions.

l have grown up facing criticism about my aloofness. My younger brother was quite opposite in nature to me. He was always a sociable person. He could easily connect with people even through his mischievousness. Whereas my reclusive behaviour displayed a sharp contrast.

One friend of my father went a bit too far and once concluded that my intelligent, witty and informal brother had a better future than me. I failed to realise how he could give such an insensitive statement. His words pinched me somewhere in my heart. I was happy that he wished well for my brother . Still I didn’t like his way of predicting my future at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about introverts-like they can’t make friends, they face problems in every phase of life for not speaking up , they are self-centred etc.But this thought process is absolutely baseless.Introverts do not belong from a different world. I wish I could tell those giving me such counselling time and again ,’Listen , please cool down and don’t worry. There is nothing wrong with me. I am perfectly fine.The world is not coming to an end if I don’t like to talk much. Go and find out some other topic to discuss.’ I really mean it.

At present, I have settled down in life. Looking back ,I realise that in spite of my shy nature, life treated me well. I can definitely talk beyond formal ‘Hi’ and ‘Hellos’ whenever it is required. But communication becomes a bit tough call for me in the midst of strangers. Now don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy their company. Usually , I take some time before I can begin free and frank conversation .

I have high regards for them( or so called extroverts) who can create a sense of attachment with anyone within few minutes. It would be a lie if I say I have never tried to be like them. But then in the long run, I have stopped doing the same for my own good. Whenever I have tried to build contacts forcibly, it made me realise the obvious pretensions. Real connections do not need much effort to take place. At least, I am not hurting anyone with my reserved nature. It is much better to keep quiet sometimes and not to sting people with unpleasant words.

It’s not a crime to be an introvert .I love my ‘me’ time. It has made me an observant person and able to read minds. Interestingly I have become self conscious not a self centred one.I have few ,but great friends.

When people around me go on talking crap , then I listen to them with a lot of patience. Although, my husband is tired with my endless commentary about his list of mistakes (yes I remind him whenever I get a chance). He prefers me to be quiet. This always gives me the assurance to not bother about what the rest of the world feels of me.

I am an introvert and totally fine with it.Let my symbiotic relationship also exist with the society along with my inner world of fantasies.

9 thoughts on “A symbiosis between an introvert and society”

  1. well said … it makes our world far more interesting to have different ‘types’. And I have usually found that those who say less when they do talk usually say something much more profound!

  2. You don’t need to be bothered, no matter who you are whether an introvert, or an extrovert, melancholic, phlegmatic, …. They would talk of you. John the Baptist was an extrovert, he did not eat with anybody, only honey and insects; they spoke of and about him. While Jesus Christ was an extrovert, he dined with the sinners and the tax collectors – he had rapport with them. They called him names – a glutton. So what is your conclusion. Be your real self!

    1. Thank you for reading the post 🙂
      Yes you are right. It used to bother me a lot earlier. But now ,I don’t waste my time worrying about other’s judgements. Somehow at the end of the day, I know if I did anything right or wrong. I am clear to myself.

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