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Time To Go To Sleep

Time to Go to Sleep
Image Courtesy : Pixabay

We all know how 9/11 attack shocked the entire world. Those horrible scenes of the blazing twin towers and people jumping out of them hoping to save their lives are still fresh in our memories. 9/11 became a permanent black mark on the face of humanity. But the atrocities didn’t end with the dead bodies and the rubbles of the towers. With time, this day had a rippling effect on those innocent lives who had nothing to do with the shameful attack. Reason? They belonged to a particular community. 9/11 was born from an evil mastermind. But what followed after that in the name of justice wasn’t fair either.

As a child I once saw an advertisement in TV whose main aim was to teach us some basic human etiquette. The commercial ended by saying :

To become an evil is very easy. But is it too difficult to remain humane?

Jagraj Singh Wasan’s video reminds me of this important lesson one more time. The below video of Jagraj is a small tribute to those who suffered unnecessarily (and are still suffering) because of meaningless Social Ostracism and Acts of Terrorism in every corner of the world.TT

Please do watch his video and share it to your friends and family.

More about Jagraj Singh Wasan :

Jagraj Singh Wasan is a songwriter/filmmaker. He grew up in Singapore, spent about 5 years in the States, and now is back to pursue music and film. He wrote a song and created a music video based on two issues he was deeply affected by in America. One being the multiple school and mass shootings on a regular basis, and the other being how Sikhs are bullied and harassed for looking like terrorists in the eyes of the ignorant. The project explores what it takes to push someone over the edge of no return. Social Ostracism, and Acts of Terrorism: Are they linked? Are they preventable? And is there something we as a people can do to help?

After all, we must always remember :

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

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