Subject : A note to delete memory

Dear Mr. Eraser ,

I have heard from many that you enjoy the power to erase incorrect decisions. You allow people to make corrections and help them achieve what they want. I am also trying to take your aid in omitting a certain memory since past few years. But alas ! No success yet. So, I have sit down to write you this letter with much hope that you will extend your special assistance in the matter.

As we gradually progress in our lives , we make many memories – good and bad.Our brain is intelligent enough to segregate these collection of memories and stores them in different containers. It restores certain memories from the archives back in our thoughts whenever we want to relive them. If we don’t want to remind our minds about any incident, then we make an effort to dump it. But my brain seems to be in constant denial to not listen to my wish. It makes me remember one of my worst memories ever whenever it can. It is my father’s death.

my fatherEvery father is a hero to his daughter. My father was no different – a friend to me more than being a parent. He faced a lot of trouble due to his health issues throughout his life. Two open heart surgeries couldn’t make him express his anxieties in front of my mother ,my younger brother or me. Even after all the problems with his health , he constantly managed to wear a bright smile on his face (a quality I wish I had inherited). He carried out his duties towards his wife  and children within the best of his ability. Life seemed to be a relaxed place with such a ‘Superman’ by our side. The thought of spending life without him hardly crossed in my mind. However, life doesn’t always treat you the way you want. The person who had fought serious health difficulties bravely in his entire life ,succumbed to a minor stomach ailment unexpectedly and left us forever. He was just 62 years old.

It has been six years that my father is no more. Me and my family have learned to live without him. I have accepted the fact that this is life, full of odd surprises.Now when I try to think about his face, the only that comes in my mind is the image of his dead and cold body wrapped in a white cloth. There are many happy moments that I had spent with him .I don’t deny that he exists in a different world where I don’t matter to him at all.Nonetheless ,the picture of his lifeless body doesn’t need to reflect all the time.

Therefore, I request you to kindly erase the memory of his deceased body from my mind permanently. I know he is dead.But I deserve to have my ‘full of life’ father with his jovial mood in my heart.

Yours sincerely,

A hopeful daughter




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