In the pink of health !

pink of health‘I am in the pink of health’ – this is a sentence which I eagerly want to use someday while describing myself . It had been ages when I had actually given a thought about my health with such positive outlook.

Since last few years ,especially after marriage, I can see that I have become prone to illness. I gifted my husband a trip to the hospital on the completion of one month of our marriage. His trip was definitely not out of happiness as there was no good news from my end. He had to rush with me to the hospital because I had broken my left wrist after a silly fall in our well-dried living room. After that incident , there was no looking back for me (in terms of good health). Till date , I am having a never ending extra-marital relationship with the clinics and hospitals, no matter wherever I reside (in the loyal presence of my loving and caring husband).

I appear to have developed a pattern in landing myself into a brand new health issue after recuperating from an existing one. And each time , the next health problem always turns up to be of more serious nature.My tireless efforts to stay fit and active has never paid me anything good in return.If the first year of my marriage saw me nursing a broken wrist and regular visits to the dentist for repetitive Root Canal Treatments , then the consecutive years were spent in the clinic of ophthalmologist in an attempt to treat my eyes suffering from Keratoconus (a disease which makes the cornea bulging out from it’s usual shape thus affecting a person’s farsightedness) . The only solution left for me was to undergo Collagen cross-linking procedure and do some damage control for my eyes.

When me and my husband thought that the worst was finally over, both of us decided to go for a master health check-up to reconfirm our belief. We returned home feeling crazy and with a report in our hands which confirmed me having gall stones inside my gall bladder.

Now here I am , writing this post while sitting in a cozy sofa and trying my best to recover from gall bladder removal surgery. Meanwhile , God only knows the number of appointments He had fixed for me with Mr. Bad Health.

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