Inescapable Questions & Answers

questions and answersWhat will people say?This is one of the many questions that come to our mind in the midst of an unpleasant situation.We look for answers to please people if anything unpredictable happens in our lives.We invest less time in thinking what we feel about that particular situation.Instead we get apprehensive about reactions of people around us and why not?We ourselves have empowered them this much that they think it is okay to talk or inquest anything about our personal lives.

I am not aware of other societies but in Indian society, the value addition of someone else’s thought process in one’s life is incomparable.People whom we know by virtue of being relatives or family tend to know us more than ourselves.It’s not like we should not listen to people.Of course we should pay attention to them as long as their concern is genuine and we can easily sense that.But what to do about rest of the people with pretentious worries?Men or women-everybody face the unwanted scrutiny or I would say “questions” like:

What is your most favourite subject in studies?
What are your career plans?

Are you trying for a job?
When do you plan to marry?

Will you continue your job after marriage?
Do you know cooking?

*When are you planning to have a baby?

There are many more questions like these. I have no clue what people are going to do with the answers.

I generally try to ignore these queries with a straight face. An answer in few words or simply a smile seems the best way to escape from them. But it is not always so smooth. There are times when we can’t let go of such people easily.

In such cases, we just need to take a deep breath, keep a check on our patience level and pray to get through the interview session soon. This also gives us a lesson to not irritate people we know in this manner.

Love to read your thoughts