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SEO : Just Take A Chill Pill

SEO : Just Take A Chill Pill
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I care about the SEO while writing. As a matter of fact, sometimes SEO gets more preference than writing itself in my posts. You will say ‘why shouldn’t you?’ Any blogger should take SEO seriously. I know.

Don’t worry. This post is not about Why Search Engine Optimization is important? or How can you improve your blog’s SEO? This is about something else(in case you haven’t realised yet from the post title).

Have you ever felt suffocated by having too much discipline in your life? Of course, rules and regulations are there to improve the quality of life. Agreed. But at the same time, too much of anything is not good. It sucks out the fun part. The relationship with my writing and SEO revolves around the same bittersweet philosophy. 

I have a SEO plugin installed in my WordPress blog. The purpose was obviously to point out the problems or improvement areas in my writing. It’s presence guides me to have a better quality of writing. But just like a disobedient student, I ditch that somewhat monotonous mode of writing at times. And there is hardly any shame in me admitting that I quite enjoy the breaks from ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of SEO. Rather I consider it as my ‘cheat day’. 

In past, I have taken many such breaks. Reasons varied every time. Sometimes, I wasn’t able to figure out the focus word apt for my post. Or the post title didn’t fit well into the width set by the SEO standards. And most of the time, even after the repeated warnings from the SEO plugin, I didn’t distribute my content into necessary sub-headings (how am I supposed to apply sub-headings  in stories by the way?). Still I try to stick to SEO’s rules to the very best of my ability. And that always comes with some compromises here and there in my writing :

I want a short and simple title. But hey. Mr. SEO wants you to use compelling call-to-action titles with length that is neither too short nor lengthy.  So it’s better to put something that he likes (and I hate). 

I want to express what I am thinking in one sentence without caring a damn about it’s length. However, the ‘sentence length’ parameter in SEO plugin cruelly demands me to break/shorten the sentence. 

This is only a small list of my grievances with SEO. 

While I was writing the post Should Monsoon Arrive In My State? , the readability analysis came up with few problems (as usual). One of them was about consecutive sentences. It said :

Consecutive sentences : The text contains 4 consecutive sentences starting with the same word. Try to mix things up !

I drilled down to the problematic zone. And going by my past experience(and thanks to the SEO plugin’s highlight feature), it didn’t take me much time to realise where I ‘went wrong’ exactly.

SEO : Just Take A Chill Pill
Source : Perceptions Unplugged

I had taken suggestions of these kind seriously earlier. But that day, I decided to ignore the improvement advice. For I wished the sentences to remain in my post the way they are in the above image. Listening to SEO needs here would kill all the fun (and sarcasm) in the paragraph. And I can’t compromise that in my writing at any cost. It was even complaining about the SEO title width. However, I didn’t pay any attention to the problems and went ahead with publishing my post. 

The post may not fetch good ranking, audience views and clicks because of my decision. It may be a really stupid mistake for any blogger to do as such. Let it be. I simply wanted my writing to break free from the shackles of SEO and breathe freely.

SEOs are there to provide writers/bloggers the best guidance to improve writing, enhance their blog’s ranking and presence in the world wide web. That is the reason why I too adhere to the SEO guidelines (when I am not cheating on it). Having said that, few parameters shouldn’t rule my writing. Why can’t I just experiment with words without worrying about the SEO and it’s subsequent impact on my blog? 

The creative craft called writing does not always need to be measured with traffic, likes, clicks and comments. What bloggers really need is to relax and enjoy the process of writing for a change. Or is it too much to ask in this age of internet that is home to billions of blogs/websites?

What do you think?

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