A Love story : what made me stick to ‘Love From Paris’ ?

A Love story : what made me stick to 'Love From Paris' ?

Love Story by Erich Segal was the last serious romantic novel that I had read in years. And, after reading ‘Datta‘ by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay , I didn’t find much love stories that could match this masterpiece.

As a matter of fact, I never deliberately search for romantic novels. Stories with characters depicting relatable emotions, hidden desires, joy, sorrow & jealousy are the ones that attract me the most. I hardly feel any urge for a conventional love story then.

When I bought the novel ‘Love From Paris’ by Alexandra Potter , then I was simply taking a chance. I expected it to be a regular boy-meets-girl story with a few twists and turns. I thought there is no harm in reading such a love story once. Little did I know then what an amusing story I had picked up.

The novel is available in Amazon and costs INR 480.00. You can visit the Amazon site directly by clicking the above image.

The story starts with Ruby Miller who lives in London and writes love stories. Ruby is in a long distance relationship with Jack. She is counting days (actually hours) for her American boyfriend’s visit in London on her birthday eve. She has made grand plans to celebrate her birthday with Jack in a luxurious country hotel.

All her plans go for a toss when Jack intentionally misses his scheduled flight and leaves Ruby waiting in Heathrow airport. Ruby, who already has tasted a bad relationship earlier, finds it difficult to handle this time with Jack. She decides to not spoil her birthday and lose heart just because Jack ditched her at the last moment. Ruby accepts her friend Harriet’s invitation, packs her bag in haste and leaves for Paris in Eurostar with her pet dog, Heathcliff.

Paris, the city of love, fails to nurse her broken heart though. Romantic couples, sudden mobile phone vibrations, missed calls and messages reminds the absence of Jack in her life. She tries to get rid of these thoughts and accompanies Harriet (who does the valuation job in an auction office) as her assistant in a meeting with her client’s lawyer, Xavier.

Xavier, a handsome French man, represents a wealthy client interested in auctioning an old mansion which belonged to their relative, Madame Emmanuelle Renoir (Dumont). Ruby smells mystery when she hears  that Emmanuelle secretly paid tax for this mansion for 70 years and nobody knew about it’s existence until her death. What was she trying to hide?A Love story : what made me stick to 'Love From Paris' ?Harriet & Xavier are busy discussing the valuation of antiques in the mansion. Whereas Ruby gets hold of a bunch of letters lying under a bed (thanks to Heathcliff) while taking a tour of the mansion. Unable to resist her curiosity,Ruby opens one of the letters which is addressed to Darling H and dated back to the times of World War II.Who is H ?Who has written all these letters ?

Ruby hides these letters in her bag as she gets suspicious about the mansion. Soon rest of the letters, circumstances and people she meets in Paris make her a love detective. She succeeds to unravel almost a century old secret hidden in the mansion and the letters. Love comes with a different meaning in her own life too in the long run.

Love From Paris’ is going to be one of my favourite love stories from today. This novel comes after ‘The Love Detective’ by the author. Still, it doesn’t create any difficulty for a new reader. Each page will raise your interest about what is written in the next one. I am looking forward to read ‘The Love Detective’ now.

If you need a combo of romance, humour, thrill and suspense packed in one novel, then ‘Love From Paris’ is definitely an ideal choice. Don’t miss it. Grab a copy soon !


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  1. Moumita – you certainly have a way with words. Your intro to this book has given me the urge to read more. I too enjoy reading books with a twist as oppose to predictable love stories when you just know what the ending will be.

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