How did I spend the last one month without blogging ?

How did I spend the last one month without blogging ?

They say :




I am realising it to my core at this moment. This post has seen the daylight after 4 days of brainstorming ! It’s actually more than a month that I haven’t written or posted anything in my blog.

Reason ?

It was the month of October and that time of the year when Indians get ready to celebrate festivals like Durga Puja/Navaratri , Dussehra, Laxmi Puja/Diwali and Bhai Duj. And I pack my luggage for a month long trip to my hometown. Blogging, reading and all activities, that otherwise feel necessary for my existence, take a backseat then.Yes, I feel the homecoming blues as well. But the thought of meeting family members, relatives & friends brings a thrill in my life more than anything else.

That’s why I didn’t bother opening the laptop and sitting with my blog for a while.

Anyway, it was a month full of happiness, laughter and celebrations. One or two hiccups popped out of the blue though. Still the trip overall turned out to be a memorable experience in many ways.

How did I spend the last one month without blogging ?
Durga Idol in puja pandals

We reached our hometown amidst the excitement of Durga Puja, the biggest festival for Bengalis. Last year, my mother fractured her knee and had to undergo surgery around this time. As she is fine now, so I was happy and relaxed this time. In my mind, I was making plans about visiting various puja pandals during the 5 day long festivities.

However, the unfaithful climate had other plans. It baked us in it’s scorching weather the first 2 days. Then, it showered incessantly for next 3 days. Walking down the streets itself became impossible for us, let alone pandal hopping.How did I spend the last one month without blogging ?

Bad climate couldn’t dampen our festive spirits though. We managed to do some serious pet puja (gorged) with yummy Bengali home-made food in several lunch and dinner invites.

Discussion about food is incomplete without Hilsa (or Ilish) fish. In our side, this costly and delicious hilsa, popularly known as the ‘king of fish’ is available only for a specific time of the year. Bengalis can go gaga over various mouth-watering hilsa recipes.How did I spend the last one month without blogging ?

This year, because of heavy rains or whatever, ample quantity of hilsa was present in the fish market. Prices came down to a drastic level. Such was the case that even poor could afford hilsa. Enough hilsa dishes were ruling in every invitation menu to make us get bored of it. It reminded me one of my post about  Value of the ‘priceless’ : calculate with Tenali Rama .

This holiday also enlightened me of this fact that life can be dealt without internet. My phone sim wasn’t working due to network problems. I managed some connection with the help of my mother-in-law’s sim card. No sooner I got used to this, then entire state was cut from internet connectivity because of a political crisis. State Government recently started the trend of creating internet blackout for doing ‘trouble free’ governance.

Time still passed beautifully without internet to my surprise.

It was an absolute delight to spend some quality time with my mother, learning diet recipes from my health conscious brother even in the midst of regular cheat days, reading Pujobarshiki (a yearly magazine various newspapers publish only during Durga Puja), planning Diwali or Bhai Duj celebrations and catching up with old friends whom I haven’t met for years.

Facebook, Instagram & Youtube got my cold shoulder.

How did I spend the last one month without blogging ?
Diwali decor done by my mother-in-law

How did I spend the last one month without blogging ?

How did I spend the last one month without blogging ?
Pujobarshiki 2017 edition by Anandabazaar newspaper

Food, shopping, celebrations, friends – everything in this holiday was too perfect to be true. One month got over in the blink of an eye. I have already started counting months for the next holiday season.

How do you usually plan your festive season? Would love to know about them 🙂

12 thoughts on “How did I spend the last one month without blogging ?”

  1. Hello Moumita. I loved reading the joy in your words! It sounds like you had such a wonderful holiday visit with your family. I would love to try the hilsa fish some day. I was very surprised to learn that the government would cut internet connection as a form of “trouble free governance!” I guess that happens more than we would care to acknowledge.

    1. Hi Doreen. Yes, you must try Hilsa fish recipe once. It’s simply delicious. The holiday was fantastic except the internet part.
      In some parts of India, nowadays sometimes state governments decide to cut the internet connection so that people can’t spread or create panic through baseless rumours.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU for putting social media aside in the spirit of reconnecting with your family and your culture! Your description of Durga Puja is quite enthralling. You definitely didn’t lose your writing touch after a month!

    1. Yes, staying away from social media for a while proved a boon for me. It helped me to enjoy the festive month in a free mind.
      As far as writing is concerned, this post was indeed a tough job for me. It’s really nice to know that you liked this piece.

  3. Interesting learning about the holidays you celebrate. I’ve seen may beautiful pictures of Diwali. My family starts decorating after Thanksgiving and we leave decorations well after New Years. Thanks for sharing Moumita!

    1. Thanks Tatia. More than celebrating, I like the positive vibes every festival brings along with it. Whether it is Navaratri, Diwali or Christmas, the happiness associated with them is the real essence.

  4. What tasty looking food! You must have enjoyed feasting with family and friends. Excellent idea taking a break from blogging to focus on catching up with with others. Last year or the year before, I gave myself a two week break over Christmas. I figured most people would be enjoying the festive season and unlikely to be reading my blog or any other blog!

    1. “catching up with old friends whom I haven’t met for years” – You are an ‘old friend’ dear.Didn’t name anyone in the blog, not even my hometown’s name. Will take care in future. No offenses

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