Why does she need to be a ‘Superwoman’ ?


‘Superwoman’ is a term which we use often to describe women nowadays. And why not? Indeed she is a Superwoman.She is balancing her family and career in an excellent manner. Gone are the days when her territory was only restricted within the four walls of a ‘secured’ home. Even in that circumstances too, she gave her 100% efforts in completing her ‘duties’.

I know this topic is not new to anyone, still each time we sit down to discuss about it ,different perspectives come out. Addressing women as ‘Superwoman’ has become a fashion in progressive society. No doubt, this slow but steady conversion of conservative attitude to liberal one towards women is the most welcome change.

But sometimes I don’t feel like appreciating this honour bestowed upon women.Now, I am not demeaning her by any means. I am also a woman who does ten things in a day at the same time. In spite of this, a thought appears in my mind sometimes. Wouldn’t it have been better if we could have left the ‘Superwoman’ to be just a ‘Woman’ ?

She needs to be a superwoman because there is no other choice left for her. Let me give a very small and common example. After a hard day at work , a husband comes back home, claims himself as a tired soul and orders a cup of coffee from his wife.No problem. Now the poor wife herself had an equally tough day at work/home. Can she demand the same cup of coffee from her husband? The answer is no, she can’t.

What will go wrong if the husband goes to kitchen and brings two cups of  hot coffee for both of them? There are many other situations like this where she has to take the lead throughout her day. Cooking ,cleaning, managing kids , taking care of parents and in-laws , attending guests , staying obedient and beautiful – all comes under her list of to-dos. Then is there any other way out for her without being a ‘Superwoman’?

We celebrate Women’s Day , fight for equal rights for women etc. But all these are really meaningless. Being supportive of a woman’s career choice, dressing style , social status is never going to be enough unless we erase this basic difference-he is a ‘man’ and she is a ‘woman’. Why can’t both of them be  ‘human’ ?

Love to read your thoughts