Perceptions Unplugged – a portion of my heart

I am Moumita De Sarkar , a woman who is in her blogging journey and lovingly named it as ‘Perceptions Unplugged’. Whenever we think a name for our child, we generally have two things in our […]

Subject : A note to delete memory

Dear Mr. Eraser , I have heard from many that you enjoy the power to erase incorrect decisions. You allow people to make corrections and help them achieve what they want. I am also trying […]

Reality of life through the window

When I wrote this post , it was a lazy afternoon and I was sitting on a comfortable sofa in my living room with laptop. My thoughts were travelling everywhere possible to capture at least some […]

Blog : a new journey to find my own self

Life nurtures you to be the person you are at present in various folds. In this course ,you learn how you should or shouldn’t have led the life. You question your certain decisions , celebrate or […]