Courage to dream

Most of us have a role model set in our hearts. That person could be anyone- someone very famous or someone living right next to us. But that’s not important. The point is the ‘ideal’ human being does the most significant job in our lives i.e becomes a constant source of inspiration to us. Inspiration […]

Encounter with the ‘crisp’ crisis

The word ‘crisp’ immediately reminded me of the unhealthy stuff that I simply love to relish on in my cheat days. It is the thin, crispy , salty and a little bit spicy potato chips. I am generally a health and weight conscious woman. You will always find me analysing the calorie count of anything that I […]

The (un)welcomed guest

The phrase ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ is not anything new for Indians.This means that the guest is equivalent to God.He should be given a warm welcome in our homes and most importantly in our hearts. Thus, the host is expected to shower the finest level of hospitality upon his guest. But in today’s date ,a guest, especially an uninvited […]

In the pink of health !

‘I am in the pink of health’ – this is a sentence which I eagerly want to use someday while describing myself . It had been ages when I had actually given a thought about my health with such positive outlook. Since last few years ,especially after marriage, I can see that I have become prone to […]

Information overloaded

Information has become really handy these days.Thanks a ton to a lot of youtube & news channels , blogs , social websites  – gathering data about anything and everything  is now super easy in the world. Being a blogger , not only I love to write my own posts but also I find immense pleasure in visiting […]

My dear passport

When my father gave the Indian passport in my hands eight years back , then I thought if I was ever going to use it. My life was limited between work location and home. The travel agenda for this homesick girl bounded between different states either for business purpose or small family trips. The passport was lying […]

Green blessings of nature

I visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens recently and was stunned with it’s green surroundings. It is refreshing to spend time in the midst of natural and manicured green beauty of the garden. Mother nature is showering it’s blessings and peace on earth with it’s subtle and yet simple elegance. Each and every plant is nurtured like a baby. And of […]

Acceptance is the mantra of life

‘Dear, acceptance of the fact that you don’t know more than others doesn’t make you an ignorant person.It rather helps you to grow into a more intelligent human being,’ this is what my father once told me when I was a kid. The context of his humble statement is not important here.However, I could not […]

Conquering hearts

We often push ourselves hard to conquer over a lot of competitions in life-  better educational qualifications, good financial conditions, a healthy lifestyle and an established social status.In this whole competitive affair, we overlook one aspect of our existence completely. It is our ability to conquer hearts and show our human side. The whole world […]

Marital controversies

 During the first few months of our marriage, me and my husband had romanced less and fought enough to understand each other.The controversies were of trivial nature though. We had an arranged marriage.So, some of the reasons to fight evolved as side-effects of living together. His unpunctuality and my disciplined approach ;his Mr.Know-it-all attitude combined […]