The (un)welcomed guest

atithi devo bhavaThe phrase ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ is not anything new for Indians.This means that the guest is equivalent to God.He should be given a warm welcome in our homes and most importantly in our hearts. Thus, the host is expected to shower the finest level of hospitality upon his guest. But in today’s date ,a guest, especially an uninvited one, forms some creases in the host’ forehead.

We are very busy these days. Lot of demanding roles within our homes and working environment have reduced our lives and mindset into small pockets. Each pocket has it’s own functionality defined and is strictly restricted to the fundamental requirements of daily life. Naturally, any further addition to these pockets subjects them to tension.

Now, a guest at home means an extra responsibility. The moment he arrives at our doorsteps , we start thinking of the time he is going to leave. We don’t like the idea of discomfort that the guest is going to cause through his invasion of our privacy. The little adjustments that we need to make due to his arrival is a matter of great disturbance to us. Who would like to sacrifice peace and comfort after a hard day at work or home? In this scenario, serving the guest with a warm heart becomes a difficult task for the host.

It’s not like every host is so mean minded. I think it is not wise either to put the entire blame on him. A continuous Increase in competition have diminished the common man’s mentality into a cocoon. The relentless struggle for survival leaves him too tired to entertain anyone/anything outside his comfort zone (so what if it new can unleash some fresh air in his life).

Hope we can revive the essence of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and cast a pleasant impression in our guest’s mind.

Love to read your thoughts