What is the need of self-love?

Always be kind to others.Try to put the best effort in helping help others in need. Never be hard on anyone rather encourage their qualities.Shower love and affection to family and friends.

How many times did we get the above advice in our lives? Many times, isn’t it ? Now, place the word ‘yourself’ and ‘your’ in the very same lines.See what do they look like ?

Always be kind to yourself .Try to put the best effort in helping yourself in need. Never be hard on yourself rather encourage your qualities.Shower love and affection to yourself.

How many times did we get the above advice in our lives ? Rarely or maybe, never. Do these lines smell selfishness? Well, I don’t think so.

It is the nature of human brain to absorb the suggestions, reactions and criticism we face in our day to day lives. The fun part is that it makes our mind believe and behave also in the similar fashion. When many people around are teaching us to be nice to everyone but our own selves , Mr. Brain too takes this piece of advice seriously. It completely forgets about the most significant person i.e us .Lot of positive energy is required to love and be kind to another person. If we aren’t happy inside , then how can we let this happen? It is neither brassy nor selfish to think about our own selves.Self- appreciation is an equally important task.

I was detected with a stone in my gall bladder recently. Few days back ,I had to undergo surgery to remove the stone, actually the entire gall bladder, from my system. In today’s age of advanced medical technology, this was a minor and very common operation. I wouldn’t have talked much about it only if it was not the single health hazard in my life. As a matter of fact , I was facing one after another small yet frustrating health challenges since last 3-4 years. Staying in the pink of health looked like a luxury to me. Every time I tried to overcome one health issue and come back to a normal life , I found myself in the midst of another one.

The recent gall stone detection and the subsequent operation made me feel exhausted inside and out. I felt disappointed thinking where my health and life was leading me to. My heart sunk into depression whenever I saw my husband trying his best to cope with the household chores along with his work . And I was there simply lying in bed and unable to help him by some means.Though he did everything with a smile on his face , but it still made me feel guilty. I wanted to shout on my life for being unfair to me. The only thought that crossed my mind was what next was left there in store for me.

While I was upset and constantly worried for everything happening in my life , I totally overlooked something that gave me happiness and peace. It was my blog. I created the blog to rediscover my self-worth and nurture my core capabilities.But ever since my operation, I didn’t pay any attention to that significant part of my life. My mind was occupied only with the negative and disturbed thoughts about my past , present and future. This was impacting my husband as well. After all ,throughout the day he was doing everything possible to help me feel better . At least , he didn’t deserve to see a dull face when he comes back home from work.

All this made me decide to come out of my self-pity mode. I got involved with my blog once more. Soon after I started writing again, I was surprised to see that my mind no longer cared about reminding me of the gloomy sides of my life. On the contrary , it was filled with lots of plans and concepts for the blog. There was hardly any room to worry about anything.

Finally , I learned not to stress my mind anymore with pessimistic emotions. This attitude was taking away the will power and confidence from me. I realised that each recovery from an illness was giving me another opportunity to live my life. Then why was I feeling sorry about myself? Wouldn’t it be wise for me to lock my anxiety and stress levels in one corner of my mind ? I should allow myself to indulge in the things I love to do – read , write , cook , shop and visit beauty parlours.  And if I am happy , then I can definitely make others happy.

I have understood if I think positive , then there is always a chance for something positive to happen. But, if I am always concerned about things that may go wrong , then no positive changes can come in my life. Anyway , I have started to take this line earnestly – When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Self- love

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