Why worry about luck ?


The moment we think of the word ‘luck’, it starts a series of thought processes in our mind. We think about situations which could have been much better if we had a little more good luck.People often bear a wrong perception that success only visits those who are lucky. These lucky group of people always have things according to their will. They don’t need to struggle in their lives.

But this is not the case at all.Many will accept the fact that luck plays only 1% role in building a life.The rest 99% depends only on us.If we work hard, stay dedicated to our goals in life and make smart decisions, then nobody can stop us from being successful.Even that 1% of luck is also sometimes not required.

I am writing this based on my own experiences.Be it good grades in school and college, performance appraisals at work or a peaceful and loving atmosphere within the family- I felt lucky whenever I had received all or any of these blessings in my life.

But these didn’t come to me just like that.I had to work hard with utmost sincerity to achieve these.Yes, even peace at home too is gained only when we sow the seeds of our patience, love , care and sensibility. As a matter of fact, these elements are recommended in every field to lead a fulfilled / successful life.We don’t need to worry about luck then.It follows us unquestionably.The measure of success differs from person to person though.

However. when we don’t give any such inputs in life and naturally don’t get any positive output, then we put the entire blame on our ‘bad luck’.We end up feeling jealous about people having ‘good luck’.


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