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Did You Look Back At Your Published Post Once More?

Did You Look Back At Your Published Post Once More?
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Did you ever look at a published post of yours and felt embarrassed about it ? No, I am not talking about that very first post you wrote years ago. Having said that, to every blogger or writer, the first post undoubtedly holds a very special place. It reminds of the hope with which you started writing. You even laugh at the silly shape your craft was back then. But, year (or even month) old posts are not what I am concerned about here.

On the contrary, I am talking about the post that you published this week or just yesterday to be precise. You wrote it with great enthusiasm, revised it several times carefully and finally hit the publish button. But….but….have you looked at it today? Of course. You must have. After all, it’s not possible for everyone out there to be an overconfident blogger like me.

Taking care of all the nitty-gritty in the post always comes at the top of my writing priorities. But I don’t understand, how on earth, the very next day, I end up discovering in my published post :

1 Spelling mistakes.

Yes. Even an in-built dictionary in a powerful word processor cannot stop me from misplacing (or missing) the letters in a word. I am so overwhelmed about writing a topic at times that the words underlined in red get completely ignored. These misspelled words make me cringe after going through the post next time. They remind me that I am not here to become the Usain Bolt in the blogosphere. Rather I should not mind in taking some more time and relook at each word before hitting the publish button.

2 Wrong words.

Spelling mistakes are something which you can at least detect by seeing the red underlines beneath them. But the words that I have typed accurately yet they don’t fit well in my post? What should I do with them? Sea instead of see. Tail while I intended to write tale and last but not the least typing fishing in place of finishing. I need to have an immense concentration, a hawk-eyed scrutiny and a calm mind to pinpoint these minute gaffes.

3 Poor Grammar.

Only the proper usage of grammar can beautify a particular sentence. Else, it has the ability to destroy the entire post. An in-built dictionary or auto-spell checker can do very little in this regard. So, I tend to implement my knowledge of grammar carefully. Still heinous crimes such as Did he did the task well ? I are the happiest person in this world take place in my writing sometimes. These shameful mistakes often don’t get caught when I write the post and revise repeatedly on the same day. They come to my notice only the day after I have published the post.

4 No punctuation.

Punctuation often decides to act in it’s own free will in my posts. A comma appears when a full-stop is utterly necessary. The full-stop comes when there should be a pause in the sentence. But this is one mistake that I don’t feel much ashamed about. Maybe, I was too engrossed in the story or the subject matter to notice such mistakes. But that doesn’t spare me from the responsibility of taking care of the problem in the published post later on.

5 Irrelevant sentences.

Every sentence resembles a shiny diamond necklace when I am on my writing spree. In my opinion, I am kind of allowed to feel this way after pouring in a whole day’s effort on the keyboard. The 1000 word post has enough reasons to make me super-excited and publish it as soon as possible. Next day, I open the same post and find at least 100 words that add absolutely no value to the content. They are nothing but repetition of the previous line in a different way. And this realisation comes only after I adopt an impartial attitude towards the post. Taking out the now-appears-less-shiny diamond pieces from the necklace looks like an intelligent thought in those moments.

It is quite natural to jump at your desk when an idea hits you. Even I don’t let go of writing ideas when they decide to visit me. Finishing a post on something close to your heart doesn’t take much time. For you have already felt and visualised the entire scene. But what I have learnt from my mistakes is one should wait for some more time before touching that Publish button.

Thinking and writing at the same time can be a pretty exhaustive job for the brain. To burden it with another crucial job of revision right after you are done with your draft may not be a good decision. I would suggest you to take a little break. Grab a cup of tea and then come back at your desk. This will help you to find the five mistakes mentioned in this post much easily. And that too before publishing the content. 

Read your draft again, again and again till you are unable to point out anymore flaws. And if you are not in a rush to submit your piece today itself, then please book the very next day in your calendar for revising it once more. The chance of rectifying the range of mistakes will make you feel glad for not publishing the draft a day before ! After all, you are here to write, share and connect. Not to create any world record of publishing the maximum number of posts in your blog. Remember?


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