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Procrastinating the blogging and making a comeback

Procrastinating the blogging and making a comeback
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If Olympic had a procrastinating category, then I would have bagged gold medals for India each time.

That’s because my performance in blogging has been exceptionally procrastinating so far. Whenever I make plans to improve my blogging and slowly but steadily crawl towards the first bench, my demons (read: laziness) drag me behind.

Either I will blog for only a day and interact with my fellow bloggers rest of the week in the name  of socialising or blog daily and ignore the socialising part all together. Until a fortnight ago, I decided that enough is enough which made me take an early New Year resolution for 2019. Before proceeding further, I feel it’s my duty to let you know that I don’t believe in making New Year Resolutions(like many of us here).

However, the resolution I took was a sane and practical one. To keep a fine balance between blogging and networking. In fact, this even inspired my post Writing and networking: How do we keep a balance between them? But there is a thing about making New Year resolutions and breaking them.And I can bring more gold medals in the later.

Things were doing fine for some days. I wrote my weekly journals Am I ready for Christmas or just want to continue feeling blue?  Wrong numbers, politics and weddings ! The short story Coffee and Dreams and an article Smart Products : They Can Make You Smart If You Use Them Smartly for IndiBlogger contest. Not only this, I was also visiting and making new friends in the blogosphere, exercised daily and played badminton. I updated the blog to WordPress 5.0.2 and was planning to share my experience with it soon on Snoopy M. A sense of satisfaction and rhythm weakened my procrastinating powers. I was unaware of the speed-breakers ahead though.

Five days back, I woke up and surprisingly didn’t feel like rushing to the kitchen for preparing breakfast and lunch. The bed, the sofa or anything that assured to give me some physical rest attracted the most. It’s only when my favourite oatmeal tasted bitter and tastebuds craved for a spicier breakfast, I realised that my body is feeling feverish. Anyone who touched me at that time would have said that I am lying. But I swear on the glittering Christmas tree standing in one corner of my room, every cell in my body screamed that it had to be a fever.

Me and fever shared a very good relationship in this year. I caught a viral fever in April. Antibiotics and a couple of days’ bed rest solves the matter for normal human beings. But I, the Almighty’s special observation case, always stay one step ahead.

I caught a bad cold along with fever which turned to a stubborn dry cough. The mercury level rose further inside me blood started coming through my phlegm. Doctor suspected Tuberculosis and I saw my days soon coming to an end. But much to the disappointment of Mother Earth, CT scan reports said that I only had a sinus problem that blocked my nose and letting the phlegm come out with some blood from my throat instead.

Since then, even a slight increase in my body temperature gives me goosebumps. Some rest and spicier food matter more for me in these times. Moreover, I was having a back pain too. Paracetamol was the only solace, but I decided to give myself some more time before swallowing any medicine. No points for guessing that husband leaded the kitchen for the next few days while me and my blogging bumped on the speed-breaker of procrastinating.

I will lie, if I say that I didn’t enjoy this break (or was I looking for a chance to take one?) After all, it’s always amazing to lie on the sofa, tuck a hot water bag under the back, enjoy some Chinese noodles (made in strict Indian style) and watch episode after episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

My head was blank and framing even a sentence looked like a daunting idea. You cannot do justice to blogging or as a matter of fact to any work unless you enjoy it. I know what you are thinking. That I got a very valid reason of procrastinating from blogging this time. Trust me….I was feeling guilty too.

To erase that negative feeling of procrastinating, I got hold of Erich Segal. No, I am not talking of Love Story but The Class which talks about Harvard University’s class of 1958. The story, even though decades old, will captivate you through it’s witty and fluent style of writing. It was in my long pending reading-list and I am halfway through the novel at the moment.

Anyway, it’s not easy to simply lie on the sofa and spend the Christmas eve in Singapore. Orchard Road  was decorated with Disney theme on the occasion of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday celebrations. But the main attraction there is always the street-side live performances. You can see a group dancing, a man singing the Christmas songs, a magician performing tricks and many more.

This year, however, saw a different range of talents emerging on the Orchard road. There was this man whom everyone was calling a live statue. No, not from the Madame Tussaud , but in flesh and blood and immobile. It needs tremendous patience to stand like this in the Singaporean humidity. Check for yourself here :

Procrastinating the blogging and making a comeback

Then, this super flexible guy to whom twisting and bending his body didn’t seem like a big deal. He could even accommodate himself inside a badminton racket. Hats off to his dedication, diet, lifestyle and exercise regime :

And last but not the least, this guy’s handmade 3D paintings are my personal favourite. With the stroke of two fingers, he was creating masterpieces on the glass one after the another. He used paint brushes rarely and only when he needed to highlight something very delicate. Enjoy an excerpt of the magic his fingers can create here :

The last week has been a demanding one for me physically. But Christmas mood and I-am-done-with-procrastinating has made me again open my laptop with the same enthusiasm. Hope the spirit of Christmas touches everyone’s lives and inspire us to make lives better for us and others.

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

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