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Life portrayed in short stories & few thoughts

The (un)welcomed guest

The phrase ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ is not anything new for Indians.This means that the guest is equivalent to God.He should be given a warm welcome in our homes and most importantly in our hearts. Thus, the host is expected to shower the finest level of hospitality upon his guest. But in today’s date ,a guest, especially an uninvited […]

In the pink of health !

‘I am in the pink of health’ – this is a sentence which I eagerly want to use someday while describing myself . It had been ages when I had actually given a thought about my health with such positive outlook. Since last few years ,especially after marriage, I can see that I have become prone to […]

Information overloaded

Information has become really handy these days.Thanks a ton to a lot of youtube & news channels , blogs , social websites  – gathering data about anything and everything  is now super easy in the world. Being a blogger , not only I love to write my own posts but also I find immense pleasure in visiting […]

Hello ‘Life’ !!!

My life has taught me one important lesson- I am never going to feel knackered in doing something or anything that I enjoy.Of course, my realisation is not a unique thought and is a universal truth in everyone’s life. I am writing about those days when I always felt tired and having a break from my […]

A day with Mr. Perumal Srinivasan

We had a four days vacation to Malaysia recently. It was a short trip but a much awaited and required break for my husband. Didn’t I look forward to the trip? Well, to be honest – not really.Why? This is because I am basically a very lazy person who prefers to be within the comfort […]

A small gesture of humanity

‘Didi ,I am not going to come to work for next two days,’ our housemaid announced when she was mopping the floor. ‘Why?’ I was not at all happy with her unexpected notice. ‘I have to attend my sister-in-law’s wedding,’ she replied nonchalantly. ‘Vandana ,what is this? We don’t complain when you don’t come to […]

Subject : A note to delete memory

Dear Mr. Eraser , I have heard from many that you enjoy the power to erase incorrect decisions. You allow people to make corrections and help them achieve what they want. I am also trying to take your aid in omitting a certain memory since past few years. But alas ! No success yet. So, I […]

Reality of life through the window

When I wrote this post , it was afternoon and I was sitting on a comfortable sofa in my living room with a laptop. My thoughts were going here and there to capture few lines that I could write for the next post in my blog.I was idly looking all over the room with no purpose. After […]

Blog : a new journey to find my own self

Life nurtures you to be the person you are at present in various folds. In this course ,you learn how you should or shouldn’t have led the life. You question your certain decisions , celebrate or regret meeting people. It is also true that these right or wrong choices ultimately make you realise where your inner strength […]

My dear passport

When my father gave the Indian passport in my hands eight years back , then I thought if I was ever going to use it. My life was limited between work location and home. The travel agenda for this homesick girl bounded between different states either for business purpose or small family trips. The passport was lying […]

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