Indian weddings : 5 favourite discussion topics during the grand affair

Indian weddings! The word ‘wedding’ itself brings a smile on everyone’s face. When it comes to India, then weddings are never a one-day event. Thanks to the Indian entertainment industry, Indian weddings are a grand affair […]

Let’s wish India a very ‘Happy Birthday’

Happy Birthday Dear India !!! We all greet our India with ‘Happy Independence Day’ wishes on 15th August every year. Let’s wish her a very ‘Happy Birthday’ this time. She will feel even more happy. […]

4 best writing inspirations that motivate me everyday

What are my best writing inspirations ? Why do I write ? Even after writing several posts in this blog, I didn’t think about this answer much seriously. I have explained why I opted for […]

3 hindrances in my path of kindness

I think I am quiet good when it comes in stepping into someone else’s shoes and try sensing his thoughts. A nature which I have inherited from my dear grandma and my father. This definitely helps […]

7 reasons to grab the novel ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’

The ‘not-so-rosy’ picture of women in many parts of the world is not an unknown matter to us anymore. The horrific and humiliating experiences that women face in their lifetime is enough to insult the […]