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My 3 rules for picking up a book to read

  I am an avid book lover. My love for books goes back to the days when I was a small kid. I refused to eat food or go to sleep without reading  or listening a fairy tale from my grandmother. It was this fascination towards stories that made books a matter of great attraction […]

Courage to dream

Most of us have a role model set in our hearts. That person could be anyone- someone very famous or someone living right next to us. But that’s not important. The point is the ‘ideal’ human being does the most significant job in our lives i.e becomes a constant source of inspiration to us. Inspiration […]

Acceptance of Me and Myself

When I give myself a moment to think about few good qualities in me, then certain self-perceptions cross my mind. These qualities make me feel good as a human being.I realise that as a person, basically I : am humble and don’t let appreciation go to my head. carry on my work/duties in life successfully when […]

What are the words for Self-Compassion?

A good for nothing, short-tempered, impatient, ugly and always a scared person. These are the exact words I use when I am not at all satisfied the way things have turned up few moments ago. Before you jump into any conclusion about my use of such rude words towards someone , then let me clarify […]

Encounter with the ‘crisp’ crisis

The word ‘crisp’ immediately reminded me of the unhealthy stuff that I simply love to relish on in my cheat days. It is the thin, crispy , salty and a little bit spicy potato chips. I am generally a health and weight conscious woman. You will always find me analysing the calorie count of anything that I […]

What are 5 WordPress initiatives to inspire healthy writing ?

My blog will reflect various colours of my creative side. Not a single day will pass when I will not think about a unique story/ post and share it to the world.  This is my excitement level every time I finish publishing my latest post. I go to bed at night sketching some rough ideas in my […]

What is the need of self-love?

Always be kind to others.Try to put the best effort in helping help others in need. Never be hard on anyone rather encourage their qualities.Shower love and affection to family and friends. How many times did we get the above advice in our lives? Many times, isn’t it ? Now, place the word ‘yourself’ and ‘your’ in the […]

Perceptions Unplugged – a portion of my heart

I am Moumita De Sarkar , a woman who is in her blogging journey and lovingly named it as ‘Perceptions Unplugged’. Whenever we think a name for our child, we generally have two things in our mind – Try to find out a beautiful and meaningful name for the apple of our eyes Always wish the personality of […]

Books – Find out 4 simple reasons to make them our best friend

‘What is your favourite pastime?’ I am sure all of us confronted this question at some point in our lives. Whenever anyone expressed such an interest in my hobby, I always answered in these two words – reading books. But why just reading a book can be someone’s only pastime? There are so many interesting and exciting activities that are […]

Helpline for love

‘Do you really want to buy these clothes , Meera ?’ Nikhil asked his wife hesitatingly, who gathered a pile of clothes in the shopping cart. ‘Why?Won’t they look good on me ?’ Meera looked surprised at such a question. She pushed her cart towards the billing counter. ‘Yeah , I am sure they will. […]

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