Indian weddings : 5 favourite discussion topics during the grand affair

Indian weddings! The word ‘wedding’ itself brings a smile on everyone’s face. When it comes to India, then weddings are never a one-day event. Thanks to the Indian entertainment industry, Indian weddings are a grand affair these days. Before reciting the wedding mantras, bride and groom celebrate at least 3-4 days of pre-wedding ceremonies. Everyone is […]

Let’s wish India a very ‘Happy Birthday’

Happy Birthday Dear India !!! We all greet our India with ‘Happy Independence Day’ wishes on 15th August every year. Let’s wish her a very ‘Happy Birthday’ this time. She will feel even more happy. And, why not? After all, freedom always feels like a new birth. India is in the verge of completing 70 years […]

Should a neighbour pay back simple favours with money?

” Dear neighbour , Could you please do us a favour to take care of the plants and pot flowers on the corridor ? We go abroad from May 30 to June 20. The plants needs watering every morning. “ My husband discovered the above note pasted on our door on May 30 morning. The […]

Homecoming Blues

Homecoming is a ceremonious event in my life. What makes me say this ? That’s because the occasion of homecoming comes only once or twice a year for me (and my husband). Ever since I left my hometown finishing school, the frequencies of returning and being at home became less over the years. Graduation from […]

What are 10 simple things that make me happy ?

Today, I have written about 10 simple things that make me happy. I didn’t compose this post just for publishing something in my blog. Trust me, there are other 10 simple things going on in my head right now, providing me enough materials to write few posts out of them. Then why am I wasting […]

4 best writing inspirations that motivate me everyday

What are my best writing inspirations ? Why do I write ? Even after writing several posts in this blog, I didn’t think about this answer much seriously. I have explained why I opted for writing in my previous posts Hello ‘Life’ !!! and Blog : a new journey to find my own self . But is […]

7 reasons to grab the novel ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’

The ‘not-so-rosy’ picture of women in many parts of the world is not an unknown matter to us anymore. The horrific and humiliating experiences that women face in their lifetime is enough to insult the humanity. They are not even considered as human beings in the first place. This fact is once again established in […]

My 3 rules for picking up a book to read

  I am an avid book lover. My love for books goes back to the days when I was a small kid. I refused to eat food or go to sleep without reading  or listening a fairy tale from my grandmother. It was this fascination towards stories that made books a matter of great attraction […]

What are 5 WordPress initiatives to inspire healthy writing ?

My blog will reflect various colours of my creative side. Not a single day will pass when I will not think about a unique story/ post and share it to the world.  This is my excitement level every time I finish publishing my latest post. I go to bed at night sketching some rough ideas in my […]

Perceptions Unplugged – a portion of my heart

I am Moumita De Sarkar , a woman who is in her blogging journey and lovingly named it as ‘Perceptions Unplugged’. Whenever we think a name for our child, we generally have two things in our mind – Try to find out a beautiful and meaningful name for the apple of our eyes Always wish the personality of […]