3 hindrances in my path of kindness

I think I am quiet good when it comes in stepping into someone else’s shoes and try sensing his thoughts. A nature which I have inherited from my dear grandma and my father. This definitely helps me to show at least some amount of kindness to the opposite person. But my core essence of showering kindness […]

Grandma : my kind hearted soul

Dear Grandma , You often come to my dreams at night and then linger in my thoughts throughout the next day. Your soft yet bright eyes are still so vivd in my mind. Whenever I think of you, the very first thing that touches my heart is your kind and affectionate behaviour towards me and everyone. […]

Acceptance of Me and Myself

When I give myself a moment to think about few good qualities in me, then certain self-perceptions cross my mind. These qualities make me feel good as a human being.I realise that as a person, basically I : am humble and don’t let appreciation go to my head. carry on my work/duties in life successfully when […]

What are the words for Self-Compassion?

A good for nothing, short-tempered, impatient, ugly and always a scared person. These are the exact words I use when I am not at all satisfied the way things have turned up few moments ago. Before you jump into any conclusion about my use of such rude words towards someone , then let me clarify […]

What is the need of self-love?

Always be kind to others.Try to put the best effort in helping help others in need. Never be hard on anyone rather encourage their qualities.Shower love and affection to family and friends. How many times did we get the above advice in our lives? Many times, isn’t it ? Now, place the word ‘yourself’ and ‘your’ in the […]

A small gesture of humanity

‘Didi ,I am not going to come to work for next two days,’ our housemaid announced when she was mopping the floor. ‘Why?’ I was not at all happy with her unexpected notice. ‘I have to attend my sister-in-law’s wedding,’ she replied nonchalantly. ‘Vandana ,what is this? We don’t complain when you don’t come to […]