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A¬†warm welcome to you in ‘Perceptions Unplugged’ ūüôā

I am Moumita De Sarkar , a woman who is in her blogging journey and lovingly named it as ‘Perceptions Unplugged’. Whenever we think a name for our¬†child, we generally have two things in our mind¬†–

  • Try to find out a beautiful and meaningful name¬†for the apple of our eyes
  • Always wish the personality of the child to become like it’s fascinating name

BloggerWhen I was trying to name the blog¬†, then I too experienced going through the¬†very same feelings. Why ? That’s because it’s also like a newborn baby to me. This blog is a portion of my heart.I didn’t create it just to write some posts , attract readers , gain tons of likes and make a name in the web world (those who blog, they know it’s not that easy the way I have made it sound). Of course, these things were also in my mind , but creation of this blog was not only because of these reasons. I conceived this blog to taste the flavours of something I enjoyed – WRITING (How did I know that I enjoy writing? It’s because of¬†Blog : a new journey to find my own self &¬†Hello ‚ÄėLife‚Äô !!! ).

Since childhood , I was always fond of reading stories. My school text books used to get my valuable attention only if I have finished reading an interesting book. When I lay my hands on a romantic novel , a humorous drama or a thriller series, I can happily ignore my utmost duties and responsibilities till date. The capability of the authors to knit an engrossing story line amazes me greatly. This alignment towards stories unconsciously grew my wish to become a part of the writing world.

I too wanted to¬†share my perceptions about my life’s various experiences, with an open mindset, ¬†in the form small articles.So, the name ‘Perceptions Unplugged’ appeared¬†perfect to me. In course of time,I realised that I don’t have just¬†articles to share. I can also tell people¬†some simple short stories¬†,created from different situations of life and a little bit of help from¬†my limited imagination power. One thing has led to another.

I brought this piece out into the world after somewhat bittersweet struggle with my life. You can say , the blog is the outcome¬†of a complicated pregnancy and hence it’s so dear to me.Many will laugh at my back¬†and say,’ It’s simply a blog, much like millions of blogs existing in the internet. Why is she¬†being so emotional?’ Well, they are right. There is nothing to be sentimental about a blog. But as I said , it’s like a baby to me. The parents are always excited and proud of their child. So what if there are millions of children¬†living in the world.

Hope you enjoy the journey of¬†‘Perceptions Unplugged’ along with me !!!

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