Helpline for love

‘Do you really want to buy these clothes , Meera ?’ Nikhil asked his wife hesitatingly, who gathered a pile of clothes in the shopping cart. ‘Why?Won’t they look good on me ?’ Meera looked surprised at such a question. She pushed her cart towards the billing counter. ‘Yeah , I am sure they will. […]

A small gesture of humanity

‘Didi ,I am not going to come to work for next two days,’ our housemaid announced when she was mopping the floor. ‘Why?’ I was not at all happy with her unexpected notice. ‘I have to attend my sister-in-law’s wedding,’ she replied nonchalantly. ‘Vandana ,what is this? We don’t complain when you don’t come to […]

Catastrophic cooking

‘Good morning and heartiest congratulations Aheli !‘ my day started with a wake up call from my close friend Simi. ‘Ahh… oh….thanks Simi,’ those were the only words I could reply.Mornings especially on weekends start late for me.I was struggling to open my eyes and mind. ‘I had seen your WhatsApp ping about your marriage.But […]