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Should Monsoon Arrive In My State?

Should Monsoon Arrive In My State?
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Arrival of the MONSOON and LOK SABHA ELECTION 2019 results are two things that I am looking forward to these days. While election results will be out on 23rd May, I still need to keep some patience and wait till the monsoons knock the door. Of course, Madame ‘Fani’ visited on 3rd May and hit Odisha badly. Tripura too sensed some mild impacts which lowered down the temperature considerably for two days.

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But that seems like an age old story now. For the temperature and humidity both have again increased to an inhumane level and stood firmly on the scale of 37 or 38 degree celcius. Even sitting right below the AC is not helping. So these days, I am keeping a close eye on the news channels and newspapers for weather forecast more than the election updates. Few suggested that cyclone ‘Bayu’ (meaning wind) is expected to arrive. But when? Nobody is sure about this. Right now  everyone is facing only ‘Agni’ (fire) in their day to day lives.

I am someone who spends an unhealthy amount of time scrolling the social media accounts. But this summer I am mostly visiting weather forecast websites. I have already mentioned my dislikes about summer in the post I KNOW WHAT I MAY DO THIS SUMMER. And the adamant google  contributed more to my uneasiness by refusing to display weather results that could make me happy. 

However, there was some apparent relief when one website predicted some rain and thunderstorms four days prior to writing this post. But my brain warned not to believe in such predictions as the news channels vehemently denied any rainfall for the next 72 hours. Still it felt good to have some optimistic news about the weather. And oh my ! The website information was just bang on. 5 pm Monday evening all of a sudden felt like 7 pm because of the dark clouds. Wind blew crazily as if it will carry the rooftops too along with it. The temperature came down to a bearable level.

Another thunderstorm is predicted today. God help us !

But all of us know nothing comes free in this world. 

With heavy winds and rains, my state faces heavy power cuts too. Slight thunderstorm and kaboom ! There goes the power. There you go searching candles and emergency lights. There you close all doors and windows (else you need to endure mosquito bites too in the dark). There you spend  hours(days to be honest) without any water supply(the municipality reservoirs too aren’t spared from power cuts). And there you sit and scratch your skin in the same heat and humidity. 

I sometimes wonder if the electricity department is only meant for collecting electricity consumption bills every month. What is their use if they aren’t capable enough to provide basic infrastructure even in a mild thunderstorm? How are they going to handle things when the monsoon arrives? You complain and they start pushing the ball to someone else’s court.

It’s just day before yesterday that lights went out after a thunderstorm. Trees fell apart in the wind. This gave the authorities another strong reason to support power cuts and make the citizens suffer in dark for hours. Looks like shutting down power is the only proactive measure they take during rains. Worst part is no water supply facilities in most parts of the city for last two days. Reason? The transformers in the two major pump houses have collapsed.

I seriously feel if this is the case, then it’s better not to have rain/thunderstorm/monsoon. What’s the point in rotting in the dark? Feels like a living hell. At least you have a ceiling fan rotating above your head when it’s not raining.

Tripura saw a massive change in the State Government last year. Government made big promises and people dreamt of a better future. But what I have felt in only two months stay so far here is things haven’t changed much. And even if it has changed, this is not reflecting in the ground level. One year may be too short time to judge governance. But at the same time it’s not a negligible time either.

There is still a wide gap between poor and rich. We still don’t have safe roads to drive. I, as a matter of fact, fear for my life even when I am walking on the footpath. Roads are ill maintained with garbages here and there. And God forbid, if it rains, then you have roads submerged in knee deep water with bad traffic management. I am sure the list is longer for the rest who live here throughout the year. Is this what we voted for?

Anyway, on May 23rd, India will get to know in whose hands her delicate future is for the next 5  years. As for the monsoon, newspapers declared it will enter Kerala on 4th or 6th June. This means Tripura will witness monsoon by the middle of June. But honestly speaking, let it arrive whenever it wishes to. That’s because I am not sure whether I will be in any mood or situation to enjoy the monsoon season. For I will be busy in storing sufficient drinking water, charging emergency lights, mobiles and waiting for the power cut to be over.

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