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I don’t let go of writing ideas when they decide to visit me

I don't let go of writing ideas when they decide to visit me
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Writing has never been a sit-get the idea-write-publish job for me. Having said that, I guess it’s not that simple task for anyone either. Even before opening the laptop, I have to think, think and think harder to write even few lines. The act of thinking often takes much more time than writing and networking. First, think of an idea that I really feel excited to share. Then I try to fit in my audience’s shoes and figure out if this would appeal them too. If both these conditions work in my favour, then well and good. Else then I need to shake my idea basket once more and repeat the process. But this is obviously not as easy as it sounds.

The basket shows up to have nothing inside it sometimes. It’s like searching for ingredients in the kitchen to prepare dinner and realising you have forgotten to buy groceries in the first place. This is one of the most helpless situations to be in. Therefore, keeping a regular check on the basket would ensure there is no dearth of new ideas to write about. But how to keep the basket full?

I am not sure if this happens to you, but ideas don’t strike me when I am staring at the blank page in the laptop. On the contrary, an inspiring post, a story plot, an old memory worth penning down and many such random thoughts visit me when I am doing everything else but writing. What should I do in those moments? Should I wait till I grab the laptop? What if these ideas decide to be impatient and fly out of my mind’s window?

A smartphone plays an important role in such situations. Got some ideas in the middle of an evening stroll?Or say, I am busy preparing breakfast or packing the lunchbox and a wonderful thought crosses my mind. But the domestic stuffs, that too deserve my attention, will make me eventually forget what I was thinking to write about later. Maybe, I don’t have the time to work on my ideas immediately but can’t afford to lose them either. To handle such situations, I note them down in my phone just like one uses sticky notes to remember the to-dos.

Jotting down the haphazard but some fascinating ideas in my phone helps me to :

1 Always keep my idea basket full.

It is quite possible that the very same idea might look silly few hours later. But the probability of getting a wonderful writing plot has become higher for me after I started taking notes of my random ideas in the last few months. You cannot think of not-worth-writing-about ideas every time. At least, 2 out of 5 such ideas have the capability to see the light of the day.

2 Maintain a distance from these two dreaded words – Writer’s Block.

I don’t need to look out for writing prompts or bite nails to get writing inspirations. My phone’s notes has my own fresh ideas saved in it. Believe me, I have thanked myself a number of times for having this habit of scribbling few lines in the phone now and then.

3 Never forget what I exactly tried to convey through my posts.

For my notes save me the pain of thinking about the topic again. They help me remember and not to deviate from the purpose of my post when I sit down to write. For example, this post would have been forgotten long back had I not cared enough to list down the points a fortnight ago.

However, I have taken a few steps backward while taking notes of my whimsical mind. A diary has replaced my phone’s position these days. And I must say, this age-old tradition of writing in the diary is a true delight. Yes, a diary may not accompany me most of the time like a phone can. But I am willing to nurture this habit for lifelong. Ironically, I am writing more in the diary than I had scribbled in my phone ever. No matter how many gadgets technology gifts you, the power of a pen and a paper will never fade.

And if nothing else happens, at least your handwriting will get back in shape. Mine was a real mess when I started writing in the diary. It puts me to shame as my teachers always appreciated my handwriting. But I don’t want to put the entire blame upon myself. After all, the chance of writing on a piece of paper comes very rarely when you have laptops and tablets.

Long story short, whether it’s a diary or a gadget, make it a habit to note down your random thoughts in them and add more potential to your writing. Good habits always yield good results and this one will definitely prove to be a game changer.

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