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A New Year and a New Beginning

New Year and a New Beginning
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You must be wondering why I have started the post with (OM) instead of saying Happy New Year. I remember, in school many students wrote (a spiritual and auspicious symbol in India) at the top of their new class copies or exam papers. Then why can’t I start the very first post of the year with ? Just another silly idea out of those thousand ones I get now and then.

By the way, Happy 2019 my friends. How did you welcome the new year? Partying to your heart’s content or spending a quiet evening in front of the TV with family? And the most important question which everyone is curious to know in the first week of every year – what are your new year resolutions? Mine had already been decided, tried & tested and then dumped in the dustbin. I understood very early that new year resolutions are only made so that they can be broken. For procrastinating the blogging and making a comeback has become an usual routine for me now. Even new year resolutions can’t help me in this department. See. I have another good reason to write at the beginning.

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Resolutions or no resolutions, I somehow know 2019 is going to treat me the same way 2018 did. 2018 threw me odd surprises whenever I expected something good to happen. But I would be lying if I say the last year was out and out harsh to me either. It also gave me respite when I lost all hope from life. In short, I am neither too buoyant nor apathetic about 2019. Even though you work hard , life will always continue testing your patience and take it’s own sweet time to give you the desired results.

When the Almighty bought tickets for me to have a crazy roller coaster ride in 2018, there was only one…sorry…two things that helped me to keep sane. Blogging and reading. A Special Mention prize for #Mobiistar A Selfie a day keeps forgetfulness away contest in Indiblogger and my self-published book THE LEAP OF FAITH in Juggernaut are the highlights that taught me to never lose faith in what I love to do and boosted my confidence to write more. 2018 also helped me to conceive my second baby Snoopy M which is in it’s nascent stage at present.

But there were those moments too when my head refused to come out of it’s laziness even though I had noted rough notes for short stories and other posts in my diary. Books acted as a saviour then.

2018 saw me being a big fan of author Alexandra Potter. Her humorously romantic novels wrapped in suspense – The Love Detective and Love From Paris made me split my sides with laughter. I can’t suppress my smile till date whenever I think of Ruby Miller’s camel ride experience in the dessert of Rajasthan. Really looking forward to read Ms Potter’s rest of the gems.

Jeffrey Archer  with his prison days’ stories in Collected Short Stories too  brought a change to my reading taste buds after the dark romance in Fifty Shades. The names of these books make me realise that I have read so little last year. I hope this new year gives me strength to stay away from social media and finish the good stories that are still lying unread in my book shelf.

Talking about good stories, movies somehow quenched my thirst in this matter. A Star is Born, Black Panther, Raazi, Sanju, Andhadhun and Badhai Ho are few of the really good movies with interesting stories  that won many hearts in 2018.Hope to be surrounded with such amazing stories throughout 2019. Read more, write more and connect more more is my motto this new year.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year again. May the Almighty shower good health and wisdom on all of us !!

What do you expect from 2019 ? Let me know in comments 🙂


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