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Let’s wish India a very ‘Happy Birthday’

Let's wish India a very 'Happy Birthday'

Happy Birthday Dear India !!!

We all greet our India with ‘Happy Independence Day’ wishes on 15th August every year. Let’s wish her a very ‘Happy Birthday’ this time. She will feel even more happy. And, why not? After all, freedom always feels like a new birth. India is in the verge of completing 70 years of her freedom. She has entered the 70s club.

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Unlike a 70 year old, India has managed well in holding her beauty.Normally in this age, signs of beauty bid goodbye, health issues crop up, body strength declines. Life doesn’t seem to look bright anymore. In such difficult times, only the loved ones can stand by and make someone feel special and wanted.

Although a nation’s age doesn’t work in the same manner as it does for human beings. The more old a nation is, the more opportunities unfurl for her prosperity. That’s why I can’t say that my India has grown old. But yes, she has definitely matured a lot.

Let’s wish India a very ‘Happy Birthday’

India’s openness towards changes (both good and bad) has made her stay up to date and learn from mistakes. She is ever-green and never gives up hope for a jubilant future.

On her birthday, I feel like sharing few things (out of so many) that makes India her children’s favourite. In my opinion, India will lose it’s charm without these qualities.

Staying together :

Grandpa, Grandma, Papa, Maa and me (and my brother/sister)– most of the kids in India would give you this answer when asked,‘Who are all present in your family?’ This combination is considered to be the sign of a healthy and balanced family as per our tradition. Staying together brings the experience and guidance of elders along with the youthfulness of younger ones under one roof.

Children sometimes do need to stay away from their parents because of their education or jobs. Still, a tendency of staying closer to parents always exists. It is this essence of a close knit family that makes India different from other countries. We believe that we can rejoice and fight life better while staying together.

I find this is the best thing about our country.

Let’s wish India a very ‘Happy Birthday’

But this is not all. India has other qualities also.

Festive mood throughout the year :

Festivals are the first thing that excite me when I think of India. It’s not only about Holi, Durga Puja/Dussehra, Diwali, Eid or Christmas. It’s about the big hamper of happiness that comes with festivals arriving almost every month and sometimes even in back to back weeks. Credit goes to the diverse groups of people living in this country. Celebrations bring a breath of fresh air in otherwise mundane and stressful lives of people.

Let’s wish India a very ‘Happy Birthday’

Being someone who lives outside India, I miss these festivals. Although I don’t like crowd and noise all the time, but the constant quietness prevailing in a foreign land also becomes too much to bear at times. That’s why I always look forward to the homecoming trips .

No appointment for visiting loved ones :

atithi devo bhava
Atithi Devo Bhava

Thank God, the appointment system doesn’t work in India. Yes, you don’t need an appointment to visit your loved ones. Want to meet your dear one(s)? Just go to his/her place and spend some quality time. Life is already too much complicated and mechanical in today’s world. We get plenty of scope to schedule timings and be formal with clients and managers.There has been absolutely no need for us so far to bring the same attitude inside our homes .

But as I said earlier that support from loved ones is also important to sustain. Likewise, we too have certain responsibilities towards our motherland :

  1. It costs us nothing to treat someone as a human being first and feel his happiness/pain. So what if he is- Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, someone from Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, rich, poor. Should his religion, caste, financial status matter to us as long as he is a good human being?
  2. How will you feel when someone disrespects your mother/sister/wife/daughter (God forbid) ? I won’t answer this. Ask yourself and think twice before bringing any evil thoughts in your mind about a woman next time.
  3. Everyone wants to reach home to his family hale and hearty. So, drive responsibly. World will not come to an end if you reach some place 10 minutes late.
  4. If we can put dirt in a dustbin inside our homes to keep it clean, then we can definitely do the same thing when we are outside. 90% of  ‘Swachh Bharat’ (clean India) campaign will be accomplished when each one of us take hygiene seriously.

On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, let’s put our individual efforts and gift India a better present with a dazzling future. Let our Tricolour fly high always 🙂

P.S :

9th August was the National Day for Singapore. I am a foreigner in this country, ignorant of it’s struggle and pain. But I can definitely understand the joy of freedom. The country has prospered within a span of 52 years with it’s hard work and discipline. How do I know? Here are some wonderful paintings depicting the same emotion. They were displayed in the area I live. These pictures remind me of my India where every citizen has contributed in her growth and took her to a proud position today.

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16 thoughts on “Let’s wish India a very ‘Happy Birthday’”

  1. I was born in England and my parents were born in Jamaica. I appreciate and celebrate Jamaican Independence Day. Beautiful country and beautiful people!

    I must say I do admire the way in which the Indian culture celebrate families. There is a great sense of community similar to the Nigerian culture where my husband is from. I love the attire especially when worn at weddings and other celebrations.

  2. I always enjoy learning about India–particularly after making a keen friendship with a woman from your country when she lived, all too briefly, in my city. She has the gift of story telling and made India become a lively place–so, Happy Birthday, India!

  3. It seems odd, the country of India being relatively knew, while the culture is as old as time itself. The past, combining with the new, like an ocean which is fed by numerous rivers. Happy Birthday to India.

  4. Congrats to India for 70 years of freedom! I am Canadian, and we celebrated 150 years of Canada as a country this July 1st. It was a very happy day for everyone. I wish everyone of Indian heritage that same happiness.

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