Night festival : celebrations in nights with lot of lights

Recently a particular area in Singapore was shining bright in lights. Reason? It was that time of the year again when people here celebrate the ‘Night Festival’. I am an Indian and grew up celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights. But it never hit my mind that there can also be some celebration named ‘Night festival’.

It felt like a unique concept to me. Singapore enjoyed few nights in different shades of decorative lights, music, dance, DJ and food. A nice break from the usual routine life.

However, one gentleman didn’t seem enamored with all these pomp and show around. It is totally a different matter that many took interest in him. He was rather busy in taking a nap as if all these noise was disturbing him a lot. I wonder why was he giving such an attitude ?

Night festival

Although he finally opened his eyes for some seconds, still there was no sign of amusement reflecting in his face. I guess, he had a very bad day, only wishing the noise to stop 🙂

Night festival

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