Blog : a new journey to find my own self

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Life nurtures you to be the person you are at present in various folds. In this course ,you learn how you should or shouldn’t have led the life. You question your certain decisions , celebrate or regret meeting people. It is also true that these right or wrong choices ultimately make you realise where your inner strength lies and what your real self is.

I worked in two reputed MNCs one after another for few years. These jobs brought good money in my bank account but it could not give me any work satisfaction. This might be due to the reason that I lacked passion in what I was doing. But I didn’t know what I really liked to do. Now if you are part of a rat race, then it is often quite difficult to realise what you exactly want to be in life. You just earn a degree, build career in a popular field (in my time Information Technology was the latest craze), get a good job in an MNC through college campus and then bingo…..your life is settled.

Yes, you are right – I did the same thing. Again this is not at all a bad plan to lead life. We all know life is full of surprises and we need to be prudent enough to deal with it. Who doesn’t know that an unsatisfying but well paid job is a saviour for many in facing the challenges thrown by life? The same thought motivated me to continue my job for years. However, one can compromise with life only to a certain extent. I too couldn’t carry this ‘burden’ further and resigned from my job. You can call this an escaping strategy. I can’t blame you because I also had the same feeling about myself.What could I do ? I wasn’t able to breathe and getting out of the suffocating environment appeared as the best option to me.

Thankfully I was married then. My husband had a steady job ( i don’t like to be dependent on him though). I had lost my father few years ago, but my mother was a working woman. It was the final year for my younger brother in college. I knew without a job in hand , I will be unable to support any of them in their times of need. Still I had to be a bit selfish and take this big step.Now the question was – what next? I couldn’t sit at home lifelong just cleaning clothes ,cooking and serving food. It was high time for me to find out my area of interest.

I realised that in childhood and torturing times in the corporate sector, I enjoyed doing one thing(apart from reading)and that was writing. Whether it was framing essays in school, documenting a project report in college or framing reports for management, my capability to write few lines constantly gave some relaxation to my chaotic mind.Though I would never say that I excel in the craft, but writing is surely one of the very few things I enjoyed. Moreover, I am an introvert person. Therefore,I have a lot of emotions and experiences within me which I wanted to speak out loudly. All these aspects inspired me to create a blog.It also means an uncertain future. Still why not try my luck this time in something I love to do? 

Now that I stay at home, my morning starts with preparing two cups of tea for me and my husband. I think what I should prepare for breakfast, lunch and my blog content. The thought of my blog covers my maximum thoughts though. In spite of the fact that I enjoy reading and writing the most, I can’t deny this fact either that I am a wife. I need to prepare breakfast and lunchbox for my husband before he leaves for work. After that ,I clean the dishes & kitchen, wash clothes, take bath and have my lunch.

When I finally sit down and open the laptop to write a new post for my blog , half of the day has passed taking away my maximum energy along with it. My body screams for some rest. It is almost a struggle to keep my eyes open and write anything creative. But when I type the first few lines of an article, my mind fills the exhausted body with an excitement I have never experienced before. I feel liberated while I give few words to my thoughts.

Love to read your thoughts