What are 10 simple things that make me happy ?

10 simple things that make me happy

Today, I have written about 10 simple things that make me happy. I didn’t compose this post just for publishing something in my blog. Trust me, there are other 10 simple things going on in my head right now, providing me enough materials to write few posts out of them. Then why am I wasting my energy on this topic? Who has so much time to be curious about these 10 simple things that make me happy ? I will say that there is one person who is 100% curious to know what makes me happy. I am writing for for that person. Who? It’s me and myself.

I have always been an introvert. Naturally, I am more comfortable in tightly sealing my emotions inside. My near and dear ones often say that they hardly see me smiling. Well, that doesn’t mean I suffer from acute depression. Of course not. However, this certainly invokes my thoughts leading me to think ‘Is there really any thing that makes me happy?’ I know one 0r two things already that bring a smile on my face and make me content. But is that all ? There must be some other things too that make even an introvert like me elated. What are these things ?

That’s why I decided to dig myself a bit and find out at least 5-7 more elements that make me delighted. And, I must say, the result that came out after few minutes of introspection impressed me greatly.

So, what are those 10 simple things that make me happy and add colours to my life:

1. Reading books :

I think this is the best quality that I posses and am very proud of it. I can go on and on about my experience with books, but this post isn’t the suitable place for this. Nonetheless, books are something that make me forget about my worries, anxieties, surroundings and even myself.

No words are sufficient to describe the happiness I feel in the company of an engrossing book. Those who love to read will understand my emotions. The activity of reading calms down my nerves and takes me to a world where time, place and people lose significance to me. You can find reasons to make books your best friend here.

2. Writing :

I love to write. This is a habit that I am getting fond of gradually. Why do I love to write? Well, there are 4 best writing inspirations that motivate me everyday . I don’t have the liberty of choosing my favourite writing time though. Apart from being a blogger, I am a wife too. No matter how much I want to sit with laptop after waking up in the morning and write something in fresh mind, I can’t do that.

My morning schedule strictly tethers me with the kitchen. Deciding the breakfast and lunch menu get my topmost preference in mornings than jotting down the lines that are scratching my head at that moment. How I wish to handover the responsibilities of kitchen to someone else (a dream of many wives) and start my day the way I like. You must be thinking ‘What a lazy woman ! ‘ What to do ? I am Ms. Lazybones. You might wonder how I do the tedious task of reading and writing in first place. To be frank, I don’t know the exact answer. All I know is that I love doing them.

3. Watch my favourite shows :

At times I can be a real couch potato. I express this noble virtue when my mood swings determine to rule my day. In those testing times, I seek solace in the hands of several sitcoms and rom-coms with a packet full of crispy potato chips. Even if the television set is running out of casting quality shows, I don’t allow it to bother myself a bit. When will the vast world of Youtube come to use?

Occasionally, I don’t mind wasting my time in surfing Youtube and watching the archive videos of old tv shows & movies of my favourite stars. This gives me a sense of freedom from the thought that everything needn’t be so calculative in life. It’s okay to spend few hours with the entertainment medium. Serves as a good exercise to divert my mind from the mundane duties for a while. Overdose of entertainment is not advisable though.

4. Relish on Maggie :

Those who have spent few years in hostel can understand the sentiments attached with this food product. Maggie is not something new in the world of junk food. Still, I got to taste it in a liberal spirit when I was in hostel. Maggie gifted my taste buds some delicious flavours somehow compensating the void of home food. Topping a boiled packet of noodles with onions, chillies and spices satiated me immensely.

I survived on Maggie in my hostel days (much like my other friends). Such is it’s importance in my life. Till date, I love to grab a bowl of boiled Maggie when my hunger pangs strike my stomach. Although, I try to avoid eating noodles these days due to it’s high calorie content, but the taste of Maggie is incomparable.

5. Pamper myself :

Looking and feeling good is the birth-right for a woman. I have realised a beauty regime session or buying a dress makes a tremendous positive impact on my mind. I am not talking about visit to an expensive beauty parlour and going for shopping a Chanel dress or picking up Gucci shoes. As if I can afford them. Still I like taking care of myself .Giving some value to my needs and desires brings a great difference in my life.

6. No stress :

I love to take stress (at least that’s what my husband and my younger brother think about me). It may be because of the fact that I am a Virgo. Now whatever be the reason, I can’t deny that I worry a lot, more than what is required. My nerves never seem to relax and prefer to be in the highest peak of confusion, anxiety most of the time.

For example- it’s like not enjoying a rainy day outside when you are sitting (or standing) near a window at home. Rather running to close all the doors and windows in the house so that the rain drops don’t come inside becomes the main agenda. In course of doing all these activities, I forget to enjoy the soothing climate. I forget to enjoy my present and constantly worry about the future. This is a very annoying habit. Someday, I would like to sit near the open window and just enjoy the breeze & rainfall without any anxiety.

7. A girls’ day out :

This is more like a wish. It seems like ages when I went out somewhere with my friends. Life changes when you graduate from schools and colleges. Everyone gets busy and scattered with their own lives. Same thing happened with me. Although I am still in touch with my friends over WhatsApp and phone calls, but the very idea of going on a girls’ trip or a day out makes me so happy. Hope, I will finally meet with my old friends in the near future.

8. Winter season :

I hate summer season. The sweat, exhaustion and sleeplessness takes a toll on me. But my luck is such that I have mostly lived in the places where summer is the only season almost throughout the year. That’s why I love winters. I know winter takes away colour from the nature. Still I like this season.

The cool winter brings for me the warmth of soft blankets & colourful sweaters , tastes of seasonal fruits and green vegetables, family picnics, Christmas and New Year celebrations. Winter has it’s own charm. I love getting under a warm blanket with an interesting book in my hand or chatting with family while sipping a warm cup of hot coffee.

9. Helping someone in need :

I have a selfish motive working in my head while I help someone. It is the greed of getting some peace of mind in return. My help extended to a person in need might be very small. It can be a monetary or an emotional support to someone.

But the realisation that I have the ability to make someone comfortable in their distressing times gives a feel of confidence to me. A sense of tranquility hovers my mind and body. In short, helping someone in anyway makes my day. And, when you do good, you definitely end up feeling good.

10. Faith in hard work :

In spite of being Ms. Lazybones, I appreciate the value of hard work. That’s because this lazy pack of bones too had tasted the sweetness of success that follows hard work.

Getting desired marks in exams, a well-paid job in MNCs, loosing kilos in months by keeping a check on diet and regular exercise or learning to cook six-course meals after marriage (I could only boil Maggie before marriage), all these things happened in my life because I worked hard. After all, a person always can only become a deserving candidate for winning battles in life when he works hard.

These are 10 simple things that make me happy. What are the things that make you feel glad or ecstatic. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “What are 10 simple things that make me happy ?”

  1. Finding happiness in simple things;wow what a great way to lead a peaceful life!
    Number 9 is a gem.Keep doing this.
    Thank you and yes, I like your blog. Simple yet enlightening!

  2. We have so many points in common 🙂
    Recently I got to share ‘what makes me happy’ in an ‘Inner Engineering’ programme. We were split into groups and had to share our personal stories to our partners.

    1. Yes Anita. There will be many out there like you and me who have these virtues in-built in their system. Problem is just that we don’t focus within them rather seek happiness from external factors.

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