4 best writing inspirations that motivate me everyday

best writing inspirations

What are my best writing inspirations ? Why do I write ? Even after writing several posts in this blog, I didn’t think about this answer much seriously. I have explained why I opted for writing in my previous posts Hello ‘Life’ !!! and Blog : a new journey to find my own self . But is writing just my another unsuccessful adventure to discover my real passion ? I am still not sure about it though.

There was no deliberate attempt from my side to make writing a passion. As a matter of fact, the word ‘passion’ never got much attention in my life. Yes, still there are certain things I love doing such as I know that reading is my first love since childhood. But the realisation that I am inclined towards writing as well hit me much later in my life.

However, the lazy woman in me is the most happy person when she can scamper away from anything that involves the use of brain and hands. It needs quite an inspiration for me to do the regular tasks everyday. When the very same woman, right after waking up in the morning, thinks about the topic she should write about next in her blog, then there is something really fishy. So, what are the things that inspire me to write a few lines for my blog everyday ? 

Let me list down the 4 best writing inspirations that bind me to the laptop and makes me write some words :

Feel good factor :

I don’t consider my writing as the finest form of art. Excelling in any field is a continuous process. My writing style too has plenty of rooms where it should improve. Still, I love to write. Why? The reason is simple. It makes me happy. After writing a post, I experience a sense of satisfaction inside. The post might not be an exemplary one to show off. But the ability to put my thoughts in words is itself a self-rewarding pleasure. I forget my anxieties, worries and mundane stuffs while I am involved in the writing exercise. This eventually makes my urge to write more stronger day by day. It is a known fact when you love to do a work, it doesn’t remain a work anymore. The work looks like fun.

Creative touch :

Who doesn’t want to show his creative side ? In my opinion, all of us has different traits of creativity hidden inside us. Writing is my creative side. Each post brings me closer to my creative aspect. I have envied the authors who can build an aura of an imaginary world with human emotions, stories, facts and findings in a simplistic manner. It gives me an immense thrill to think myself to be a part of that world. The skill to create a series of sentences which are related to each other in some way makes me dig the cosmos of words deeper and deeper.

Appreciation & friendships :

It feels so good when someone appreciates you or your work, right ? The praises or likes I get from blogger friends for my posts is enough for me to inspire my writing spirit. It is through this craft that I came across nice friends who have acknowledged my work with their friendly gesture. It is amazing to know there are so many people out there who share similar tastes in thinking, writing and appreciating like me. And, when you have wonderful company, then continuing what you love to do is much easier. I would like to thank my friends showing me their acknowledgement for my writing (this is not an exhaustive list though):

TooFullToWrite http://toofulltowrite.wordpress.com

shraddha1993 : http://freetoexpress91.wordpress.com

simple Ula http://simpleula.com

waveringmind07 http://waveringmind07.wordpress.com

Carlo Rossi https://territoridel900.wordpress.com/

thehuntandpeckblog : http://thehuntandpeckblog.wordpress.com


Arjun Shivaram : https://arjunshivaram.wordpress.com/

Anice  : https://anicetunayt.wordpress.com/

Fortunately Human : https://mylocalweb.wordpress.com/

Karen Del Tatto : https://growingtogetheringraceandknowledge.blogspot.sg/

D. A. M. Steelman : https://damswriter.com/

Emily K. Martin : https://ekmartinauthor.wordpress.com/


Writing prompts :

Last but not the least, the writing prompts in WordPress are every writer’s delight. If I feel running out of ideas and thoughts, then a quick visit to The Daily Post section in the WordPress site provides me a bundle of writing inspirations. Anyone who loves to write will not return empty handed from this site. You can have a look at “What are 5 WordPress initiatives to inspire healthy writing ?” to find out the enormous possibilities that WordPress offers. I never experience drought of inspirations when I have this wonderful website with me.

These are the few but best writing inspirations  that help me to keep up my enthusiasm to write. I know you might be having 100s of inspirations. After all, it doesn’t work in the same way for everyone. However, what binds every writer/blogger together is the essence of giving birth to an awesome piece of creativity.

What are your best writing inspirations ? Feel free to share with me.



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