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Criminal instinct in children : let’s try to remove it from the roots

Criminal instinct in children : let's try to remove it from the roots

Criminal instinct in children. It is really unfortunate to reach this stage in society where we need to discuss such topics.

Whenever we imagine a child, we can only think of it’s smile, innocence, mischievous nature and silly talks. Crime and children- nobody feels good to relate these two words together. But open the news channels these days. You will hear all horrible crimes either happening to a child or the child committing it.

India went into a state of shock when one of the accused in Nirbhaya rape case turned out to be a minor. In the recent Pradyuman Thakur case, CBI arrested a teenager for the murder of 7 year old Pradyuman in school toilet. Reason for such heinous crime ? The teenager wanted to avoid school exams and parent-teacher meeting. The accusations against him are not yet proved in the court though. Another news emerged few days back where a 4 year old girl faced sexual assualt by her classmate. There are rooms for debate that it’s impossible for a 4 year old boy to understand sexual behaviour or needs. Still the incident has occured. This is the reality.

I have written just few such cases.

Whom should we hold responsible for such criminal instinct?

Children themselves?

I think it’s not fair to blame children in the first place. A child absorbs everything like a sponge from it’s surrounding and tries to imitate them in it’s behaviour. It doesn’t have the intelligence to differentiate between right or wrong unless parents or elders intervene.

Then whom should we damn next ?

Google, social media & Youtube ?

Nobody thinks twice before pointing finger towards technology for any wrong doing. Any crime happens and we start complaining how technology has spoiled our moral values. But we forget that it’s us who have brought innovation within our four walls. No matter how much we try now, it’s not possible to keep children away from mobile phones, laptops, tablets and television. So, blaming internet alone for criminal instinct in children is not the solution.

Who is left then in such scenario ?


The answer seems quite obvious.

I am not a mother. Still I can understand that raising a child is a big responsibility. And the task has become a mammoth one in today’s unnecessarily complicated life. What I have observed is that parents work very hard to provide their bundle of joy the best of everything- food, clothes, education, financial support. Ironically, I have seen very few of them working equally hard to build a conscience in their child.

Conscience is an unique and acquired quality. It comes in a child only after days, months and years of patience, love and knowledge from it’s parents. Spending some quality time (however little in amount) with children, reading them Jataka tales, Mahabharata, Ramayana and making the little one understand the virtues of hard work, discipline, patience , sharing and affection through small examples – how many of us do all these things with our children? Do we give enough food in their roots to nurture their innocent minds ? Are we ourselves in our best behaviour in front of them? If not, then how can we expect them to grow up into a nice human being ?

It is possible to remove criminal instinct from the minds of children. We can achieve it only when we sow the seeds of good conscience in their empty mind since childhood. It will be the greatest gift from the parents to a child and the best way to eliminate #crimeinchildren.


6 thoughts on “Criminal instinct in children : let’s try to remove it from the roots”

  1. This post contains too much truths and logic…
    I am totally agree with your view point, i was about to write on the similar topic.
    Mental growth of human beings take place during their childhood days,if they get proper lessons,specially the moral values,ethics and a good philosophy for life then with time it will get enhanced otherwise the other side is really very dark.

    1. Yes Jyotirmoy. A small child’s mind is a dough of clay. So, it’s very important to give that mind a right shape from an early age.This job becomes difficult to be accomplished once the child has grown up. We should act before it’s too late.

  2. In India, crimes committed by children / juveniles are on the rise. To top it all, a four year old male child was accused of sexually assaulting another four year old girl. Police had confirmed penetration of a sharp object. Physiologically, one do not get sex hormones till 12 – 13 years of age. But definitely, there is something strange going on.

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