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Feeling lazy to blog : 5 easy tips to overcome it after a vacation

Feeling lazy to blog : 5 easy tips to overcome it after a vacationFeeling lazy. This is the only reaction the body and mind gives me once I am back from a vacation. Regular activities demanding even the minimum energy appear like an exhausting task. I don’t feel like coming out of the inertia of rest at all. In such situation, you can imagine the challenge I face in getting back to my blogging mode.

Now, I would like to make it clear that writing is something close to my heart. But I am Ms. Lazybones too. And, holidays make me even more lazy. I take my own sweet time to be a busy bee again when I am back.

I covered many things in my blog till date. What more can I blog now? 

These thoughts come to my mind then. Feeling lazy and procrastinating work becomes an easy option in those moments.

I am sure nobody is this much lazy like me in delaying stuffs they actually love to do.

By any chance, if there is any such soul existing, then I would like to share with them few tips to shrug this lazy feeling after a long (or short) gap in blogging. I have realised these underrated habits have helped me to set aside my laziness and come up with a fresh post for my blog every time. So, here we are …..

To avoid feeling lazy :

1. Read a book:Feeling lazy to blog : 5 easy tips to overcome it after a vacation

Pick up a book you wished to read long back. A book will do two things to you. First, it will bring your lethargic mind back to an active track. Reading will increase your concentration level in the second place. You will feel focussed towards doing some creative job and develop an urge to sit with a pen & paper (or a laptop). In my opinion, this is the most simple, beautiful and effective way to give the writer inside you the required push.

2. Post on vacation dairy :

Let your vacation details be the next post in your blog. You have made fresh memories, clicked nice photographs and binged on delicious food. Everything is so vivid and ready in your mind. Then why don’t you share this experience with rest of your blogger friends ? Your friends will get to know about a new place from your blog. Moreover, writing down your feelings about the vacay will be fun, super-easy and bring a smile on your lips.

I tried to do the same thing and wrote How did I spend the last one month without blogging ?

P.S :

If you find it tough to remember all details of your holiday, then try to jot them in a diary or as memos in your mobile phone. This helps you later to not miss writing about any interesting event in your post.

3. Check blog forums :

Are you still running short of ideas ? Enlist your blog into various blogging forums available in web. These forums encourage bloggers to pitch in to a trending discussion. It can be about society, food, travel, books, sports and many more. They also declare contests for the best article on a particular topic. You can search for those sites in Google, Instagram , Facebook , Twitter. Winning or losing doesn’t matter here. What matters is that you get some food for thought and a way to shred that ‘feeling lazy’ excuse.

Feeling lazy to blog : 5 easy tips to overcome it after a vacationFeeling lazy to blog : 5 easy tips to overcome it after a vacation

 4. Catch up with fellow bloggers :

You meet friends and colleagues once you are back from a holiday. Find out some time for your fellow bloggers as well. So much might have happened in the blogging scene while you were away. New posts, new announcements, new bloggers. Make a sincere visit to other blogs, read and appreciate their work with nice & kind words. Writing thoughtful comments needs a good deal of mental exercise.You will realise new ideas have popped into your mind while doing this.

5. Redesign your blog :Feeling lazy to blog : 5 easy tips to overcome it after a vacation

If nothing works, then I suggest not to push yourself that hard. Writing should be a spontaneous activity, You can rather engage yourself in some other job relevant to your blog. Applying a new theme or plugin, cleaning your blog a little bit, replying to some old comments are some of the stuffs that help you feel involved and rekindle your writing spirit.

I know it’s not easy for bloggers to stay away from blogging for long. I am one of them. But due to my lazy nature, I need to find ways at times for dragging me towards my writing desk. If you happen to be like me, then I hope these tips prove helpful to you. Though I am very sure that you will not need the help of point no. 5 🙂

Happy Blogging !!!







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