Grandma : my kind hearted soul

Dear Kind Grandma

Dear Grandma ,

You often come to my dreams at night and then linger in my thoughts throughout the next day. Your soft yet bright eyes are still so vivd in my mind. Whenever I think of you, the very first thing that touches my heart is your kind and affectionate behaviour towards me and everyone. I can’t forget the happiness that lit your face every time you held me within your arms. I regret for committing the mistake of not giving you back enough love, affection and time you deserved .

When I try going into a flashback of my childhood, my memories remind me of a little girl sitting beside her grandma in the kitchen. I used to sit and create disturbance in your chores by demanding dolls, talking foolishly or being naughty. But you never scolded or ordered me to keep quiet. Instead, you adored me. Even after having three sons (which was a matter of ultimate pride in this patriarchal society), all you wanted was a daughter. People didn’t understand your keen interest in having a girl child. Naturally, when I was born, it took me no time to become the apple of your eyes. In spite of having grandsons, you never made me feel inferior by any means. Rather you said that my parents were lucky that I was their first born. You were unbiased and kind to me. You enlightened me with the fact that God has created every human being as equals and we should also treat them accordingly.

My parents could go at work only because they knew that I got along with you well. Whereas the truth was that you bribed me to be an obedient child with your colourful platter of stories. Your collection of fairy tales and moral stories used to surprise me always. My personal favourites were the epics- the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. I have lost count how many times I have asked you to repeat me these epics again and again.

Over the years, my habit of listening stories converted into the hobby of reading books. I always knew that I have inherited this quality from you. The various story books in your bedroom supported my belief further. You too enjoyed depicting me the same stories and epics every time with enthusiasm. However, you never missed to explain me the moral values of each story at the end. Your stories instilled within me the virtues of being kind, humble, honest and sympathetic  since my early years. Till date, they guide and show me the difference between right and wrong.

The act of being kind to someone came out effortlessly for you. Whether it was the helper working in your house or the stray dog that once entered your yard in poor health, your humane nature made everyone a part of the family. I can’t recall a single moment when I have seen you raising voice or shouting unkind words to anyone. Patience and faith in Karma played a significant role in your life. You coached me how I should step into the other person’s shoes and figure out his joys and sorrows. I wish I have remembered your lesson in the times when I have bursted out my anger and irritation on someone.

Throughout your life, you carried on your duties as a wife, mother and grandmother silently, expecting nothing in return. Bedridden and immovable condition during the last years of your life also could not take away your kind hearted spirit. Although I didn’t ‘find’ time out of my busy schedule, but you were always there concerned about my studies and health. I didn’t care much about the status of your mind and health though. Now when you are no more around me, I want to feel the touch of the wrinkled skin on your hands again, discuss with you the books I recently read, share my experiences with you and give you a big hug. But all that I can do at present is just pray one line to the Almighty – May Your Soul Rest In Peace.


Ungrateful Granddaughter

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