Homecoming Blues

Homecoming is a ceremonious event in my life. What makes me say this ? That’s because the occasion of homecoming comes only once or twice a year for me (and my husband). Ever since I left my hometown finishing school, the frequencies of returning and being at home became less over the years. Graduation from […]

What are 10 simple things that make me happy ?

Today, I have written about 10 simple things that make me happy. I didn’t compose this post just for publishing something in my blog. Trust me, there are other 10 simple things going on in my head right now, providing me enough materials to write few posts out of them. Then why am I wasting […]

Perceptions Unplugged – a portion of my heart

I am Moumita De Sarkar , a woman who is in her blogging journey and lovingly named it as ‘Perceptions Unplugged’. Whenever we think a name for our child, we generally have two things in our mind – Try to find out a beautiful and meaningful name for the apple of our eyes Always wish the personality of […]

Hello ‘Life’ !!!

My life has taught me one important lesson- I am never going to feel knackered in doing something or anything that I enjoy.Of course, my realisation is not a unique thought and is a universal truth in everyone’s life. I am writing about those days when I always felt tired and having a break from my […]

A day with Mr. Perumal Srinivasan

We had a four days vacation to Malaysia recently. It was a short trip but a much awaited and required break for my husband. Didn’t I look forward to the trip? Well, to be honest – not really.Why? This is because I am basically a very lazy person who prefers to be within the comfort […]

Subject : A note to delete memory

Dear Mr. Eraser , I have heard from many that you enjoy the power to erase incorrect decisions. You allow people to make corrections and help them achieve what they want. I am also trying to take your aid in omitting a certain memory since past few years. But alas ! No success yet. So, I […]

Reality of life through the window

When I wrote this post , it was afternoon and I was sitting on a comfortable sofa in my living room with a laptop. My thoughts were going here and there to capture few lines that I could write for the next post in my blog.I was idly looking all over the room with no purpose. After […]

Blog : a new journey to find my own self

Life nurtures you to be the person you are at present in various folds. In this course ,you learn how you should or shouldn’t have led the life. You question your certain decisions , celebrate or regret meeting people. It is also true that these right or wrong choices ultimately make you realise where your inner strength […]

A symbiosis between an introvert and society

 Most of my ‘loved ones’ commented about me ,’she is such a shy and introvert girl’. This remark used to irritate me(and it still does) a lot. I have simply no idea why my introvert nature is a matter of concern for them.They seem to forget that even after being an introvert, I always had […]

Inescapable Questions & Answers

What will people say?This is one of the many questions that come to our mind in the midst of an unpleasant situation.We look for answers to please people if anything unpredictable happens in our lives.We invest less time in thinking what we feel about that particular situation.Instead we get apprehensive about reactions of people around us and […]