Information overloaded

gossipInformation has become really handy these days.Thanks a ton to a lot of youtube & news channels , blogs , social websites  – gathering data about anything and everything  is now super easy in the world.

Being a blogger , not only I love to write my own posts but also I find immense pleasure in visiting other blogs , vlogs and appreciate the creativity present in the web. After all , we are free to share thoughts and outlook in our own way. In course of surfing the internet , I have come across many sites which are really useful and quite informative.At the same time, I had the opportunity to visit few sites which have very little to do with the actual facts. They yarn some pointless content wrapped inside attractive headlines.Their main aim is just to earn as much likes and subscriptions somehow.

The entertainment sites and youtube channels score the highest marks in this category. Yeah , I know these sites are made for pure fun and should not be taken seriously. But at certain point , it sounds a bit foolish.

So and so celebrity had a wardrobe malfunction when she was getting out of her car’ ,’Mr. A’s wife was unrecognisable without makeup after her salon session ‘, ‘Ms.X and her hubby caught to have an argument in a party’ , ‘ The poor star kid was being taken care of by it’s nanny while the new mom was busy with her work commitments ,’ ‘Mr. Y’s coffee was all black without milk & sugar on Saturday’ . 

The list can go on and on.This is not the case with just entertainment sites. Many new channels too spend a lot of footage in such kind of ‘responsible’ stories.There is no harm in framing such contents though. But when I see these sites getting more likes and subscriptions compared to a more sensible blog or video , then I feel a bit upset. It makes me sad to think that our taste about finer things is gradually going down. All we want is some quick information and instant fame much like fast food. It doesn’t matter what we are finally representing to viewers.

This is much like wasting our precious time in gossip rather than investing in something good and more fruitful.


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