Courage to dream


Most of us have a role model set in our hearts. That person could be anyone- someone very famous or someone living right next to us. But that’s not important. The point is the ‘ideal’ human being does the most significant job in our lives i.e becomes a constant source of inspiration to us. Inspiration to follow our dreams, aspirations and hopes for a brighter future. In short, the role model evolve into a paragon for us.

I am also having one such wonderful person in my life. He is none other than my younger brother. Yes, sometimes we do not need to look far for encouragement. Our younger ones do that sweet task for us unknowingly. My brother was an enthusiastic and creative guy since his childhood. He always managed well in studies as well as in extra- curricular activities. He became a popular face by hosting several school events. Different creative school projects used to draw his attention. It was this gifted side of creativity that gradually grew his desire to make a career in media. Unfortunately, urban middle-class families wish for a secure option when it comes in selecting a career path for their kids. Naturally, a job prospect in media didn’t go well with my parents including me. We literally forced him to enrol into an engineering course cool enough to land him a decent job in MNCs. Still, it couldn’t shatter his dreams. Without deviating any focus from his studies, he worked as a freelancer by directing many short films. He even made us proud by winning state level prizes in short film festivals. Today, he has finished his graduation and is working in a movie production house.

Basically, he not only proved his mettle, but also became an inspiring figure for me. He made me realise no matter what comes in life, believing in own self and following our dreams leads to reach our destination ultimately.

‘ The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.’


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