Being healthy : Read my 5 ways to be ‘Apne Tareeke Se Healthy’

Being healthy : Read my 5 ways to be 'Apne Tareeke Se Healthy'Being healthy in today’s date is a huge blessing. We don’t realise the value of a good health until we have messed up with it. One or two disease(s) visits our doorstep and then we all get into the damage control mode. But can we put the entire blame on our shoulders? No.That’s because we always have an easy excuse of our ‘busy’ lives.

Being healthy : Read my 5 ways to be 'Apne Tareeke Se Healthy'

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

We indeed have very little time these days.Getting ready for work in morning, spending extended hours there, struggling for 1-2 more hours in traffic, stuffing empty stomach with some instant food at home, passing time with smartphones and going back to sleep – this is the lifestyle of average population in the country.

I was (and still a little bit) part of the same population. An invisible checklist ruled me throughout the day. Unfortunately, health, without whom nothing is possible, appeared nowhere in that checklist.

Before I proceed further, I should admit one thing. I am the last person to talk about ‘being healthy’. For the past few years, I suffered from one after another illness. None of them were serious in nature though.But they definitely required medical attention. They came into my life because I gave them an open invitation. My negligence on health took a toll on me.

When I look back to those days, then I realise the health complications could be easily avoided.Of course I was busy. Still, was it really difficult for me to remain healthy? No, it wasn’t that tough. If I incorporated the following good habits (that I try to follow now), then Doctors would have played a very small role in my life :

My way no.1 of being healthy : Having an affair with Mr.Water

My loved ones suggested to take an interest in Mr. Water. But I didn’t take him much seriously. I embraced him only after goofing up with my health to a certain extent. Within a few days of knowing each other, I understood what I had missed all these years.Being healthy : Read my 5 ways to be 'Apne Tareeke Se Healthy'One can easily google the manifold benefits of drinking water. But I realised the magic only after including water in my daily liquid intake. Water hydrates & energises me at first (which is quite obvious), reduces my hunger pangs, cuts my high calorie binges and weighs me down a few kilos (can’t think about food with a water filled tummy).

Now, with each passing day, I am trying to know Mr.Water a little more and don’t feel good when I miss to see him by any chance. I hope my husband doesn’t mind to learn about this affair.

My way no.2 of being healthy : Using brain while eating 

I thought a clean hand, an open mouth and a stomach craving for some food is enough to have meals.What is brain going to do here? But in reality, a little bit of grey matter plays a vital role in having food. Brain signals our body when to start, continue or stop eating. It’s totally upon us if we want to listen to those signs or ignore them.Being healthy : Read my 5 ways to be 'Apne Tareeke Se Healthy'I, for example, end up eating more (or less) than necessary in times when I don’t bother about those alarms. A tiny sized breakfast, a large meal at lunch, emotional eating, mouth-watering junk foods are only few of the instances. Bloated stomach with an uncomfortable feeling are the only things that I gain from such indulgences.

So,I wish to play safe with my body & taste buds with small meals, green vegetables and fruits in my diet.

My way no.3 of being healthy :  Shredding sweat

Being healthy : Read my 5 ways to be 'Apne Tareeke Se Healthy'I love to sweat only in one scenario. That’s when I go for brisk walking. This is something I have started enjoying for 3 reasons :

  1. Helps me to discover new routes/places at free of cost.
  2. Entire body gets fresh after a good work-out session (again at zero expense).
  3. A walk in fresh air gives me new ideas for blog posts (this one is my favourite).

These advantages allure me to grab a chance of walking (except for certain cheat days 🙂 ) I genuinely regret not getting involved in this activity long back.

My way no.4 of being healthy : Not being a Ms.Night Owl

The day is incomplete if I don’t stay awake till late night. As the darkness prevails, my energy levels too get high. With all the required gadgets to survive on this planet (a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, earphones, an over-worked brain, a beating heart and high power spectacles), who cares what time of the night is at that moment.

Being healthy : Read my 5 ways to be 'Apne Tareeke Se Healthy'This habit of being Ms. Night Owl has done a considerable damage to my eye sight and sleep patterns. I fail repeatedly to follow ‘early to bed and early to rise’ theory. I guess I have got to learn more in a harder way. In short, work is still in progress.

My way no.5 of being healthy : Cutting ties with Mr.Stress

My relationship with Mr. Stress is old. Stressing about little things is my second nature. Situation is such that I can find out 10 different silly reasons to stress about if I am sitting idle. Unnecessary stress impacts my health too. It’s a bit challenging for me to beat stress. Still I make it a point to control stress with activities I enjoy doing.Being healthy : Read my 5 ways to be 'Apne Tareeke Se Healthy'People scare you saying that a lifestyle change is must for being healthy. Do the above 5 points ask for any big change? They simply want us to be aware of ourselves and stick to life’s basics.Health is not just about looking good or fitting into a fashionable dress. It is about gaining a certain peace of mind.

Find your own 5 ways. Being healthy will never seem difficult then.


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