Catastrophic cooking

‘Good morning and heartiest congratulations Aheli !‘ my day started with a wake up call from my close friend Simi. ‘Ahh… oh….thanks Simi,’ those were the only words I could reply.Mornings especially on weekends start […]

Why does she need to be a ‘Superwoman’ ?

    ‘Superwoman’ is a term which we use often to describe women nowadays. And why not? Indeed she is a Superwoman.She is balancing her family and career in an excellent manner. Gone are the days when her […]

A symbiosis between an introvert and society

 Most of my ‘loved ones’ commented about me ,’she is such a shy and introvert girl’. This remark used to irritate me(and it still does) a lot. I have simply no idea why my introvert […]

Inescapable Questions & Answers

What will people say?This is one of the many questions that come to our mind in the midst of an unpleasant situation.We look for answers to please people if anything unpredictable happens in our lives.We invest less […]